Monday, September 24, 2012

The Birth Story of Isabella.

The birth story for my daughter goes along the same lines as it did for my son actually. I really hoped it would have gone differently, but the labor / delivery itself, was almost identical. 
Baby Toes!!!

It started out on September 6. I went to my 39.5 week check up. The doctor checked my cervix, and I was about a 1.5 cm or so. And still about 50% effaced. No change from the previous weeks appointment. She went ahead and stripped my membranes (for those who don't know, that is where the doctor inserts a finger into the cervix and separates the bag of water from the uterus, in hopes that will release enough hormones to start water). For many, doing this will bring on labor within 24 hours, and if nothing happens within 24 hours, chances are that nothing will until it is done again, or you are induced, or your body goes into labor on its own. At that same appointment, the doctor went ahead and OK'd a water breaking induction (we wanted to avoid a pitocin induction to avoid a c-section, as thats what happened with my son) for Tuesday September 11, 2012. I would be 40 weeks and 2 days at that point. I waited all night, and all day the next day for any sign of labor. A lot of wishful thinking and hoping, but no labor. 

So, Tuesday morning, at 8am we were at the hospital for my induction. Actually, we got there at 7:30 am. But they were able to go ahead and get me all checked in and what not. We waited in the lobby so that they can get the room ready for me. We waited till about 8:30 am, by that time I had been there an hour, and was just starting to get annoyed, when they came out for me. I guess I really had no reason to be annoyed, other than the fact that I really had to pee, and didn't know if they would want a sample lol.  

We get back to the room, and I ask if she needs a sample, the nurse said nope, and so I ran to the bathroom. Omg, it has never felt so good to pee. By time we was in the room, and I was changed into the fun hospital gown, it was about 9 am. For the next two hours, it was all about getting hooked up to monitors (and keeping her hooked up, as she kept moving around, kicking the monitors and all around hiding from them). The doctor came at about noon, and by 12:30 pm I had my water broken, an internal monitor for the baby's heart was placed on her scalp, and I was only hooked up to the contraction monitor.

Let me say, when I had my son, I am pretty sure I already had the epidural before they broke my water. I didn't feel what it felt like when they broke it. I didn't feel the gush or anything. When the doctor broke it and saw it was clear, I was like OK that's not bad. Then a few minutes later, I felt a bunch come out. I swear, I thought I peed myself! She assured me that I did not, and it was not pee, and it was actually water as it was clear. But OMG it was the weirdest feeling ever! It didn't help when I wanted to get up to go to the bathroom. OMG Even worse! It dripped all down my leg, and I made a puddle. I wanted to cry. I said "This is not natural!" My mom assured me that it was, and it was also normal to feel that way. 

After my water was broken, I immediately started having contractions. It was an uncomfortable feeling, but they weren't too strong. But by 3 pm, I needed that epidural. Yeah, I could have gone longer, but I didn't want to wait too long and then not be able to get it. At the rate I was going at that time, it was about 1 cm every almost 2 hours. So by 3 pm, I was about 2.5 cm. At one point, I posted on Facebook "why can't contractions tickle instead of hurt?" And one of my friends said that it was because this isn't Sesame Street. That made me laugh, a lot. 

The epidural hurt. But, not the needle itself, the pressing on my spine to find the right place. I have degenerative disk disease, and the pressing was painful. I was trying my best to hold still and not move, but I was in such an uncomfortable position (hunched over like that), oh it was killing me. But, he placed it. It was placed a little higher than most people would get it, because of my disk disease. It was not an instant gratification, but it took about 15 minutes to actually get into my system and start to numb me. My legs got numb, and then I started noticing that my left leg was literally dead to the world. It was dead weight. I could not lift it at all. I couldn't feel it when I touched it, nothing. So whenever a nurse came in and wanted to check me, or wanted to have me switch positions (to side or something) it was very difficult, as they had to help me by lifting dead weight that was my leg. I thought it was pretty funny. With the epidural in, I got a catheter once I was numb enough not to feel it, and I also got an internal monitor for the contractions, because they weren't registering well with the monitor they place around your belly. So, I had 3 cords coming out of various places in my vagina (2 from the cervix/baby, and one for catheter). It was an odd feeling LOL. 

I should also note, the epidural was a continuous drip so that it would not wear off on me.

So, the rest of the day was uneventful. They would come in every now and then and try to turn me over to one side to see if that helped progress things along. Well, baby girl didn't like that, as her heart rate would drop way down, and they would come rushing in, and turn me back to my back in a sitting up position. Her heart would return to normal. And I was told that unfortunately I could not turn over. Oh Poo! I really wanted to lay on my side and sleep. It was funny though to see my moms face when she walks in the room (she left and I was laying on my side) and sees me sitting up with an oxygen mask on and about 3 nurses around me. The look on her face, was pretty priceless, but I would be freaked too. 

I had to have them bring in a fan, as I started sweating, even with the room down to about 70 degrees. The nurses would even come in and say it was cold, but I was so freaking hot. It was interesting to see my mom, husband, and in laws covered up in blankets because they were so cold. Yet I had a fan, and had them turn the temp down to about 68 or so. Never did I get cold LOL.

Sometime during the night I was able to get Pitocin (around 9pm maybe?) to help things along. I got a small dose at that. We were trying to avoid me contracting too hard/too fast. We didn't want me to rupture. Other than that, the night was pretty uneventful. Until I started noticing that I could feel some pain in my lower right part of my belly. At first it wasn't pain, but a pressure of sorts when I would get contractions. Since it wasn't painful, I wasn't worried about it. But as the night went on, it started getting worse.

By about 10 am or so, I was almost crying from pain. They brought in a nurse with drugs hoping it would help. I had to lay almost on my side to get it. It was placed in the epidural line. It said it should work almost instantly. Well, no relief. So shortly after, they call the anesthesiologist, and he comes down. He puts something in me, but I needed to lay fully on my side. Well, this would take about 15 minutes to work. Well, at least my legs were evenly numb now.  

I was crying I was in so much pain. Gripping the bed rails as hard as I can, trying my best to breathe through it and not hyperventilate, and not pass out from the pain. It was so bad. I've never been in so much pain.  My doctor came in at about 11:30 am, and saw that I was in too much pain. I also had not progressed in many hours. I got up to 6 cm at one point... but then went down to 5 cm. Who does that? Apparently I do. I feel like my body just doesn't want to have babies! As with my son, I was stuck at 7 cm for almost 8 hours with him! It's been almost 24 hours since my water was broken. We weren't worried about infection, as I didn't have a fever and the baby wasn't in distress. But I was in so much pain, the epi wasn't properly working for whatever reason, and I needed relief. Plus, with me not progressing the way we should be. She said she thinks its best we go for the section. Unfortunately, I agreed. I was crying. Mainly from the pain. But, also because I felt like my body had failed me for a second time. I understand that a c-section isn't a failure, I have a beautiful baby girl because of it, however, I really wanted that vaginal. I wanted to experience that. 

-Now, I must note. That yes, it was MY choice to go ahead with an induction instead of waiting for 42 weeks. My reasons were firm. I had hip pains that were so bad I could barely lift my legs to get in bed or put pants on. My back wasn't too bad, but my hips, Oh my god. I could no longer take it, and needed to try to start this train moving. So, maybe if I would have waited I would have went into labor on my own. Who knows. With my son, he was 2 weeks late, and induced, and still ended up in a c-section. 

So we start to get ready for the operating room. The nurses come in, put the cuff things on my legs to give me circulation, as well as put a cap on my head for my hair. They give my husband the funny outfit to wear (he looked hilarious!). They had to finish up a section before I could go in. I had to endure 15 or so long minutes of pain before I was able to get wheeled into the OR. During this time, my mom came to me, and started crying. Of course I cried harder because of it. She said things like "your my little girl, your still my baby". I bet seeing me go off to another surgery had to scare her as much as it scared me. This was my third surgery - a previous c-section and my gall bladder had been removed as well. At that time, my mother in law, and father in law came over and put their hands on me, (my husband already was near me rubbing my shoulder or something - its kinda fuzzy whos hands were where) and she started to pray for me. Now, those who know me know that I'm not religious, I'm really just spiritual, and believe in a higher power, but the Bible I find it hard to take word for word, and find it hard to prove. Besides, how can I trust in a book that calls my kids God-Mothers an "abomination"? Anyways, the praying felt good. Maybe its because everyone was near me at the same time, or maybe because it was during a short time where I didn't feel a contraction. Who knows. Either way, I'm kinda glad it happened. 

Once I was in the OR, I had to scoot to the table (with help of course). And then one of the nurses held me in place so I can get the spinal. That took what seems like forever. Whichever nurse was holding me, was very nice, talked to me, helped me through the contractions, and helped keep my mind off my back (it did hurt every now and then). They took out the epi tube, and was trying to place the spinal a bit above that, and they wanted to avoid having what happened with the epi. That itself took maybe 15 minutes, but felt like an hour (my husband later asked me what took so long). Once the spinal was placed, they helped me lay down, and started getting me ready. My doctor is a short lady, so she was on a step stool so she could be higher than me. But the bed also is motorized and goes up and down (even tilts to the side if necessary!!!). Before they got started, I had an odd request. I asked if I could get my boobs taped down or something. They are so huge, that they were gonna choke me had they not been restrained. The nurse was awesome and said no problem! She actually taped my boobs down for me so I could breathe and be comfortable.

After she was shown to me
My husband was let in, and sat down next to me. I was so nervous. I actually started crying (again). There was a fiasco in the OR with him, he put the camera and phone in his jeans pocket, under the scrubs outfit, and no one told him to probably keep them out. So when he unzipped the scrubs, somehow the zipper broke, and it wouldn't zip back up, and they had to get him into a new one quick, before he missed the baby coming out. There was a nurse there telling me "oh, her head is out! She's so pretty!" And before I knew it, the baby was out, I felt relief from the pressure,and people were snapping pics (I think a nurse helped take pics with my husband LOL). They showed me her real quick before getting her to the table thing to start cleaning her and checking her. Once she started crying, I cried harder. My husband got to cut the cord! I didn't know if he would be able to in a section, but he did! He was beside her the entire time. The nurse who held me earlier went ahead and wiped my eyes from me. Granted, I could have done it myself, my arms weren't strapped down like they were for my son 8 years earlier. 

My husband, Isabella and I.
Isabella had wonderful APGAR scores, 8 and 9. She was so perfect. They cleaned her up, and brought her over to me, then my husband sat down, and held her up next to me, I was able to touch her, and kiss her. One of the nurses took a picture of us three, our first picture with the baby, too bad my son couldn't be there too, but it's OK, I think he would have freaked out anyways.  

But they had to take her away. The pediatrician told me that she needed to get checked and have an IV with antibiotics. The nurse explained that sometime after my water broke, probably recently shortly before the section, the baby went #2 inside me. So we both had to be treated to avoid infection. Also after they got her out, I sprung a few leaks. There were two blood leaks inside me, and the doctor and the assistant or whoever was helping her was applying pressure to the blood leaks, and that was an uncomfortable feeling. During this time, I felt really nauseous, and the nurse who has been so helpful gave me some Zofran. 

Eventually the blood stopped, and the doctor closed me up. I remember I kept asking if they were almost done, and the nurse (who I never got to thank) told me what they were doing every step of the way. 

Once I got to recovery, I immediately started asking for my baby. They told me that she would come back down to recovery, but every time I asked, they said it would be X minutes later. She got a bath up there without me, my husband didn't know to not let them give it to her (I wanted to), because we didn't plan for the c-section. But I did tell them not to feed her formula because I wanted to breast feed her. Thankfully, they heard that and didn't feed her (now, almost two weeks later I am still successfully breastfeeding). In recovery, people came to see me one at a time. I started feeling a bit sick in there, the nurse with me brought me some ice water, but it didn't help me any.  Once they said that the baby could come down with me, my room had been prepared and I was able to go up to post-partum. So, my husband and the baby met me in the room, as did a few friends. Once I got up there, they had to clear out first though, so that way I could get transferred to the bed in the room, but before I go there, I had to throw up. Guess the Zofran didn't really help all that much. 

My first chance to hold her.
Once I was situated, everyone came back in, and my husband handed me my baby. She was so perfect. In the pictures I look drugged, but really just nauseous and hot. I asked for a fan, and they brought me one. I also had a cold wash cloth on my forehead. I was so excited to see her, and once everyone left, I attempted to breastfeed. We had some struggles at first, but eventually, one awesome nurse named Carla came and helped me out, and by-golly, we got it! We have been good ever since. I did get sick again a few hours later, but after that, I was fine. I was given a liquid diet first, then fiber restricted, and then by dinner the day after the surgery I was able to have real food! 

My son holding the baby
in the hospital room.
The hospital stay was really decent. The only complaint is the bed, but who doesn't complain about those!? It made me so uncomfortable, I wish my husband would have traded me the recliner chair he was in LOL. The food was even really great. 

I am happy to be home. Although, sometimes I do wish I had the nurses to help me, or room service to bring me food. Otherwise, all is good. Almost 2 weeks later, and I don't need the pain meds as much as I did last week, and I also can move a lot easier. One more week till my husband has to go back to work, and then it's just me, the baby and my 8 year old. Kinda scared for that, but I think we will be OK.  I am happy to have coffee again though - even though I really haven't had any. Just had a coffee drink while in the hospital.  Eventually I hope to start pumping so that I can get some extra rest, and can even go out without baby if necessary (doctor appointments, etc), plus my husband and son needs to get in on that extra special bonding time. 
Big brother + little sister = Love
She is so darn cute!
She makes cute faces
in her sleep.
I don't think I left anything out... But if I did, I'll be back to edit it :)  Here are some pictures :) 

So precious!

Looking at mommy.
Totally a gas smile, but adorable!

There's my birth story. And I want to add one more thing -- never, EVER let anyone tell you that you can't breastfeed because your boobs are too big. There is no such thing! I believed that for the longest time, but I am successfully breastfeeding my baby - no formula for us! And I want everyone to know that yes, it may be difficult, but it is totally worth it if you are wanting to do so!

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