Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips: Pink Punch

At a recent CVS trip, I purchased a few different makeup items. I haven't tried any of these before, so I thought what a great way to start adding beauty posts to this blog. I've been trying to figure out if I wanted to have a separate blog for makeup/beauty, but then I thought, why? Why not keep it all together?! So, here is my little independent review of Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch.

This cute little lip balm from Maybelline New York is a moisturizing lip balm, but unlike the Peppermint one, this one does not have SPF in it, and this one will leave a tint of color on your lips. Its a great way to have a natural look, but with a hint of color.

You can see by the picture, that its about average size when compared to other lip balms and chap stick containers. The picture above shows the pink balm, and although it may look like it would be too pink, its really not. Its a nice subtle pink.

Before: No product.
Before product.

Here are some before use and after use pics, you can see my lips before using are dry and have no color (other than the "natural" thing my lips do during day without anything on them lol). After applying, there is a subtle pink color to them, and with no other makeup on my face, it's not too shabby.

Other than running my fingers through my hair real quick before the "after" pic, I didn't add anything to my face. Same lighting for all pics (natural sunlight). The pink isn't terribly bright or too bold. You can easily wear this when you need to make a quick run out and don't want to put on a full face of makeup. Or, you can be like me, and plan to take this to have while in labor/delivery!

It doesn't look too unnatural, although, I'm sure if you were to keep excessively re-applying it it could look caked on, and possibly look terrible.

Do I think its worth it? Sure do. I love the hint of pink, and it smells pretty good too. I plan on trying the other colors they have as well (looking forward to the peach one). They are pretty affordable, and there are often coupons in the Sunday paper.

Do you have any of these? Which ones? And how do you like them?

--This review is done on my own accord. It was not sponsored, nor was the product given to me in exchange for this review. 

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  1. i have the quenched (clear) baby lips as well as this one ^ i have also tried the cherry one! my favorite has to be pink punch. It is bright and leaves a great color, really brightens up my face. The cherry one looks kind of tacky on me but with only a couple swipes it looks okay! i put on the clear one before bed so my lips are nice and soft in the morning. I am in love with pink punch though! my favorite!
    It looks really great on you (:


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