Wednesday, August 8, 2012

App Review: Voice Answer for iPhone/iPad

I purchased the app on the iTunes App Store called Voice Answer. It an interesting app, claiming to rival Siri and is available for iPad, as well as the versions of the iPhone that don't have Siri on it, and even the iPod touch users can use it.
Here's what I think about it....

Who can use? Any Apple user that has an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

What is it? Voice Answer is an interesting little app that answers questions, assists with tasks, and can help and guide you. Visually,  you see a female robot (who actually reminds me of that vodka commercial), and has general movements, and has a female robotic voice. You can have it search for things on the internet, play songs on your devise, send texts, call (if you have an iPhone), and many other features.

At first glance: I think its pretty cool. The reviews are decent, and has 26 five star ratings, 1 four star, 2 three star, 2 two star, and 10 one stars. Yea, the one stars are the scariest, but I figure, its not that much ($2.99), so I figured what the heck.

Verdict? I would probably give it a good 3.5 stars. Out of 4 questions, it was half correct. I was on my iPad and was connected via WiFi (as I always am). I asked the current temp, and it gave the me temp as of 5 hours prior. It was 1am, and there was no way it was still 110 degrees out side, I was actually curious as to what the temp was since it was night time and cooled off, but it only gave me the temp "as of 5 hours ago" (its exact words). So, pass and fail.
The next question I asked was "how many seasons of Martin were there" .... It completely got lost, and said "... maybe 50%" .... Ummm, huh? My husband actually laughed at that.
I asked for a listing of a local restaurant, and it gave the correct information, and then I asked it to Google myself (I gave it my first and last name), and it said there wasn't anything. Which is correct, because all my stuff is private!

So, like I said, about 50/50 on this one.  I do plan to play around with it a bit more to see if I can get anything better, but eh. Don't think I'd use this one too often, as usually I'll just Google on my phone LOL.

I think if you have a need for something like this in your life, then you should def get it, but don't get it if you just want to play around with it, as it won't be helpful or useful to you.

Check out Voice Answer on iTunes here.

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