Monday, July 9, 2012

The Nissan 37OZ

The Nissan 370Z is a very unique model from Nissan that I think everyone should at least get a test drive in. It's very interesting and pretty unique in design. I think the reason I love Nissan so much is because it's saved me tons on gas. If you're confused about your next purchase, no worries. Tons of people are, and it can be a very nerve-wracking decision to make! 

When attempting to pick the right Nissan dealership, you should keep in mind what you can afford and consumer reviews. It offers outstanding service, a great inventory, fantastic specials and overall a friendly atmosphere. There are a lot of different considerations that should be thought about when deciding on a new car. It can either be a really great decision or a really bad one. Sometimes it will be somewhere in between, but it is usually more obvious than that. 

If you purchase a brand new car, it can either be a great or a horrible choice. It all depends on not only your personality (if you have road rage, opt for a used car), but your financial situation and plans as well. Don't let the impulse of purchasing a brand new car offset your plans of paying off debt, or buying something that you really need. For example, a new car should not win over either having your bills paid, getting a new mattress because your back hurts and whatever else you may be giving up just to have a new car. It's really not worth it, unless you actually intend to live in the car you should be very financially aware of your personal situation. Used cars are usually a much safer route to go, as long as they are fixed up right and don't have too many miles on them. 

Personally I wouldn't buy a used car that has over 100k miles on it unless I immediately planned on replacing the engine/transmission. Used cars will get you to the same places that a new car would, and they cost you less in the beginning. Although it is true they may require a bit of work down the line, it may still be better because at least you saved yourself money in the present. 

Either way, I'm sure your next car will be perfect for you and hopefully save you money in these economic times. I love unique looking Nissan models like the 370Z, and more normal looking models like the Maxima.

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