Monday, July 23, 2012

Eric's 8th Birthday Party

My sons birthday was actually July 13. But we had his party on July 21 at Peter Piper Pizza. They have this awesome new party package called Play Pets - where kids can pretty much help put the stuffing into their teddy bear pet of their choosing, and then put a wish inside the animal. It was so cool. I'll tell you more about that later on in the post though.

Eric had a blast. He has been looking forward to this party for weeks! It was his first birthday party outside of the house. Usually we do birthday parties at home or at a relatives house. Never have I planned a party.

He knew what he was getting from us, as he went with us to buy it (thanks Mom for having plans that day LOL). But he wasn't allowed to have any of it (except the Wii games we got him from Game Stop) until the party. But he was super excited to see what else he got.

It was funny when he opened up a bag, and it had clothes in it - he just moved right along to the next bag. We literally didn't see some of the clothes he got till we got home! He has some nice looking outfits!

Three nice shirts | a sharp looking suit | some shorts and jeans.
T-shirts and socks | Eric got a Thundercats shirt, but I think Chris is more excited! LOL
Variety of Legos

Of course he got some Legos, and even some "Awesomest presents ever!"
My mom got him what hes always wanted | We got him an
iTunes gift card for him to get games on my iPad | Angry
Birds Blanket we got him 
These aren't all he got - but some of the pics that were taken weren't that great - he was too excited at the party LOL. Some of the pics were taken at home because of that (and for this post LOL)

Now. The Play Pets is a new thing from Peter Piper Pizza. Its a new party package they offer (although you can buy a pet from the counter, its actually cheaper to do the party option). Here is what the Peter Piper website says about the Play Pets... "Introducing Piper PlayPets, the best friend your child creates! Each party-goer chooses their very own animal skin and watches it come to life in the form of a cuddly plush. Be sure to grab the camera as they wish upon a star that will stay inside their animal forever. PLUS, this package comes with plenty of Game Tokens so guests can play for cool outfits and accessories!" Which is really cute. There are some really cute outfits too - both boy and girl centered. Also some gender neutral outfits. 

Here are some of the photos from the kids during the stuffing of their pets.
My nephew Logan making a wish, and
stepping on the pedal
Birthday Boy Eric making wish, and asking lots of questions! 

The only girl at the party - Taylor. The kids actually get to
press the pedal to get the stuffing into the pet!

Nephew Brandon | Making pets | Nephew Anthony making a wish

Nephew Cyrus making wish, helping stuff pet.

And of course: can't forget the Birthday cake! We bought the cake at Walmart - and instead of calling ahead, we decided to wing it.. so his cake had flowers.... but he LOVED it, it was yummy chocolate cake!
We had put trick / magic candles... So he starts blowing them out - they relight, and he slowly starts backing away while trying to blow them out. It was the funniest thing ever!!!

And another thing he got to do since he was the birthday boy -was make his own small pizza! He loved being able to just put cheese on it - thats all he seems to like on pizza nowadays.

While we were there, we watched a big monsoon Haboob / dust storm come through. After the dust it downpoured LOL. But all I have is pictures of the dust.

Peter Piper offers a lot for birthday parties - you should check them out online to see what all they offer for parties.  Its pretty cool (and I like them better than Chuck-E-Cheese!)

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