Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to School Already

I don't know about you, but my son has been in school for a week already. My son started 2nd grade this year. He is getting so big. I love seeing him grow and learn - even though he says he hates school most of the time. The reason he hates it is because hes forced to pay attention LOL. So far, he has done really well, with only one day where he had to get a warning. 

If your not in Arizona, then you probably have another month for your kid(s) to go back to school. Arizona usually gets out earlier in the year, and goes back earlier then most. Chandler - the city we live in - participates in year round schooling. Meaning, they get only 2 months for summer, and then they go back. Its to help retain information learned from last year (its actually been proven that this program works well)., They also get longer breaks than most other schools, and more days off here and there throughout the year. He also gets a 2 week break in October, as well as a 2 week break in December/Jan (for Christmas) and then another two weeks for spring in March.

We don't have to buy school supplies for him - not like many others do. The school provides everything (or really, I think the teacher does). But we obviously can donate to the classroom, and the teacher lets us know if she needs anything. But here in a few years he will probably have a list of things he may need to get on his own. 

Its definitely not like when I went to school. We used to have days dedicated strictly for back to school shopping - supplies and clothes. I guess we are lucky? We don't have to have these big excursions like some families have to have. And even though I don't have to buy him school supplies, I always take advantage of the deals for school supply items! I still have pens and mechanical pencils I got for free (using coupons) from last year! 

A bit off topic, but can I just say, the past 8 years of my life have gone by so fast! In 8 years I have: graduated high school, had my son, moved to Arizona from Ohio, started culinary school, dropped out (for many reasons), met a great guy, started my first job, moved to Tucson to be with that guy, had a few more jobs along the way, moved back to the Phoenix area, got married, and now am pregnant with a little girl. Yes, I've had struggles to overcome in the past 8 years, but who hasn't? I'd like to say life has been a cake walk, but of course it hasn't been. I'm not a kid who comes from a wealthy family who will pay for everything for me. I've had to work. And yes, I've had to go back to my parents for help a few times. But thats part of growing up and learning. It also doesn't help that I had my son 6 weeks before my 18th birthday. That forced some growing up to do that I would have normally had time for on my own.

But all in all, I like to think we are doing OK. Yea, we could be better, but it could be way worse! 

And my baby boy, is turning into my big boy. And in 10 years will be 18, and, a man. I can't believe how time has flown!

So tell me, are your kids back to school yet? Hows your life been since you had kids? Has it just flown by? Do you wish you had more time with them while they are little?

34 Weeks of Pregnancy.

Wow. 34 weeks already! It feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. I was at my sisters house, and she got me a Walmart brand pregnancy test. And I took it. And before I was even off the toilet, the thing started showing positive.

I had no idea it would be that easy to get pregnant. I had been on the depo birth control shot for years (literally like 7 years). I know the stories, it can take up to 18 months to get pregnant - if not longer! I was only in my 6th month without the shot when we conceived. I still am in awe. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Eric's 8th Birthday Party

My sons birthday was actually July 13. But we had his party on July 21 at Peter Piper Pizza. They have this awesome new party package called Play Pets - where kids can pretty much help put the stuffing into their teddy bear pet of their choosing, and then put a wish inside the animal. It was so cool. I'll tell you more about that later on in the post though.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Mystery Shopping Email Scam. Tisk...

I really wish these companies knew who they were messing with! I am a seasoned pro (or so I like to think so) when it comes to mystery shopping. And I get scam emails all the time. 

Please remember people - If they are legit,  they won't send you an email like this.
If they are legit, you would not get unsolicited emails from them.
You would only get emails if you were registered with them, or with another site that you opted to receive recruiting emails for shops in your area. 

If you have any questions - send me a message!

Here is the email I got. Sad thing is, I work for a company called The Secret Shopper. This is the second email I got from someone claiming to be someone from a company I shop for... Tisk. Please note the bold and see notes...

From: Agent Recruitment

Mystery  shoppers  normally  get  paid  between   $200 per assigment.
   You are expected to complete your mystery shopping  assignment  and
   fill out an evaluation form, answering questions about your shopping
   experience in the establishment, the quality of customer service, etc.

   Money order/Payment check would be in a certain amount which you
   would be required to Cash at your Bank, then deduct your salary and
   have the rest used for the evaluation at the store that would be given
   to you for evaluations.
   To start earning money immediate, reply this email with
   the following information below to sign up :
   Personal Information:
   Email Address:
   Full Name (First, Middle, Last) :
   Phone (Home & Cell) :
   Full Address (Not POBOX):
   City, State, Country :
   Zip Code :
   Gender & Age :
   Occupation :
   Thanks for responding,
   We will wait for your full details .
   Candidate Recruitment Team
   Secret Shopper ® 2012
First off - it wouldn't come from an .edu email address.
Second - they were stupid - get paid between  $200 --- um, is it just me or is there a number missing there? LOL
and third - NEVER ACCEPT A CHECK/MONEY ORDER TO CASH AND SEND BACK A PORTION TO THEM!!!! That is a RED FLAG right there!!! They do this, and take everything they can from your bank account-  they over draw it way beyond what your able to even fathom. I have seen a FEW legit check cashing shops - however, you take your own pay check to a check cashing place to cash. You keep your money. They ask you questions about the clerk, the service, etc, and then send you a check for the fee (usually like $5 plus whatever the cost to cash it was). Seriously, thats all! Never fall for a scam! Know what to look for people.
  • And use common sense! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

$1000 Extreme Cash Giveaway - Sign ups are Open!

If your a blogger, you may want to take notice to this. (If your not, keep the dates in mind!)

Pregnancy Forum is sponsoring a $1000 Extreme Cash Giveaway. It will run from September 13 - October 1st, and is open worldwide.

Sign ups are now open for the $1000 Extreme Cash giveaway. We bloggers know how great it is to hop on some of these giveaways, because it helps us increase our readers/social media stats. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Nissan 37OZ

The Nissan 370Z is a very unique model from Nissan that I think everyone should at least get a test drive in. It's very interesting and pretty unique in design. I think the reason I love Nissan so much is because it's saved me tons on gas. If you're confused about your next purchase, no worries. Tons of people are, and it can be a very nerve-wracking decision to make! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Julep box!

I meant to post this the other day. But I got so caught up in other things, that I just forgot.
I had a post a month or two ago as to how you can get a free Julep box, and I shared what was in my free box.

Well, I skipped last month, but made sure I got the July box! I am happy I did. It came with a free extra nail polish for 4th of July! It's very Patriotic.

In the box, was red white and blue crinkled papers. Also some Atomic Fire Bomb candies (too hot for me, but giving to my nephews). I love how neatly they always pack the boxes too! There was a lip gloss (color Camellia). and two nail polish bottles (colors Audrey which is the light pink, Frieda which is the darker pink, and America). The America color is a red glitter base, with white and blue confetti, as well as silver stars in it. I have it on my nails now, and I have Frieda on my toes :)

From left to right - lip gloss color Camellia, nail polish colors Audrey, Frieda, and America.

Here are the pics of America and Frieda, on my nails.

I don't have very long nails! But this is America with a top coat.

My toes wearing Frieda.

Now, this monthly box is normally $19.99 a month (billed on the 27th of every month). But, follow my steps and pay only $0.01 for the first month, and then decide if you want to continue! Each month they give something different!

When you go and sign up, you will first need to take the style quiz. They want to know about your style personality, and what would be best for you. Afterwards, it will tell you what you are (I'm classic with a twist). Then, it should take you to the area where you need to create an account. Once you get past that, it should take you back to your cart, where it will say the name of your box, and $19.99. Enter either code INTROPENNY or COLORS4ONE. It should bring it down to $1.01  Make sure to enter your city, state and zip code for shipping - and chose Free Maven shipping. The total will come to $0.01! Easy!

You should keep it for two months (to help me get my referral credits). If you chose that the next box you don't want, you are able to go into your account on the 20th of the month and skip that month. And you won't be charged. So if you don't like whats going to be in the box, you can continue to skip. I actually have it in my calendar on my phone to remind me each month to see if I want it!

Here is my post for the first box I got free using this code.

Let me know if you sign up! And share pics of what came in your box - especially if your a different profile than mine!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Happy Birthday America!


Free Nail polish! No CC needed

You can get a free Zoya Nail Polish, in the color America (fitting for the 4th of July). You won't even need a CC for this one!  No shipping either.
Click here to get your free nail polish (you can also buy another color, and still get America for free!).
Use promo code Freedom2 at checkout.

Act fast, who knows how long it will last!!!


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