Monday, June 18, 2012

Mystery Shopping Scams: Know what to look for.

I got this today in my email today. If you are a Mystery Shopper, you know this is a scam. But if your not - this is how you know its a scam.
You NEVER get sent money to mystery shop with. That is the scam. You screw your bank account for these people. And they win most of the time. Even if you can’t cash it bc your bank needs to let it clear first, YOU will be the one screwed bc now you no longer can have your bank account - and will be labeled with trying to cash fraudulent checks.
Know that a mystery shopping company would never solicit you unless you asked for information on their jobs. Certain sites will allow you to get emails from other recruiters as they post jobs in your area - but then you know you signed up for that.
Also know, that they won’t ask you to enter your information in an email, they will send you links to their company, and will have you register as a shopper. Here is the email in its entirety. Please know the warnings. 

“Business Evaluation Secret Shoppers Services has selected you
as Secret Shopper for our organisation. You will earn $200 as
our Secret Shopper. Your employment packet will include funds
for your evaluation which would come in form a check/money
order as well as instructions attached giving you details of your
first assignment. The form of payment like we stated are in
the form of either a money orders/cashier checks which would
be delivered to your residence via one of the various courier
service in a certain amount which you would be required
to cash a your bank, deduct your survey fees of $200, & have
the remainder funds used for the evaluation you would
be required to carry out as Secret Shopper.
Send your continue interested with the following details:
- First Name ……………
- Middle Name ……………
- Last Name ……………
- Tel Phone ……………
- Cell Phone ……………
- Address ……………
- City ……………
- State ……………
- Country ……………
- Zip Code ……………
We are waiting your good response, Thank You.
Agent Recruitment@
Greet America, Inc.”

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  1. Thanks for the post! People need to know that if you are going to do a mystery shop that the mystery shopping company won't send you money prior to the shop. I think they should do a nationwide TV address about this issue.


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