Monday, June 4, 2012

Halloween isn’t that far away!

Wow! 2012 is going by so fast, we are half way through it! I cannot believe it.
This Halloween we are going to have our own addition to the family – a baby girl, Isabel. And yes, I am going to be one of those crazy people dressing up their baby for Halloween while we take our older one out trick-or-treating. I’ll probably go with the classic bumblebee costume for her. Not sure yet. Maybe a lady bug, or a flower!

Did you know you can get a head start on buying these Halloween costumes now? Halloween Mart is an online costume store, and they are open year round, unlike those local costume shops! They even have costumes for year round activities (such as July 4th, and even raver wear).

I was just looking, and for the infant animal costumes, oh my god, they have some really cute ones! Bunny rabbits, lambs, tigers, lions, even an octopus. Of course they also have the lady bug and the bumblebee. They also have costumes like a Heinz Ketchup packet, pea in a pod, junior mints, even BACON (mmm, I love bacon!). And I couldn’t stop looking! They have infant princess costumes, infant Tinkerbelle costumes, even Ragedy Ann and Andy type costumes. So freakin cute! I can’t stop. I may buy more than one, as the cities around here sometimes has Halloween things on different nights! So excited.

And they are pretty affordable too. I don’t think you could make these costumes yourself for any cheaper than they offer online. They have more than just kids and baby costumes, they also have Adult Halloween Costumes.

If your like me and like a head start, start looking now! is where I am going.

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