Friday, June 22, 2012


When you think of hand sanitizers, you probably think of brands like Purell or Germ-X right? But, they aren't very nature friendly are they?

Many people today are more Eco-conscious, and more Earth friendly. People also want their products to be safe for them. Clean Well is a company who is trying to find a better way to clean.

Some of their principles are something we all can relate to. Believing in a way to safely eliminate germs, believing in the power of nature, and a better way to clean.

Clean Well believes that you can clean, without using harmful chemicals. Their products are made with thyme oil, and are free of chemicals like alcohol and benzalkonium chloride. Their products are safe, and if ingested by kids (which they do sometimes) it has no risk of getting them sick. It is also good for those with sensitive skin. I especially like that last one. Since getting pregnant this time, I've developed a sensitivity to a lot of things, and even have eczema now.

Even their active ingredient is biodegradable, and breaks down quickly to avoid upsetting the natural balance of things. How many companies can actually say that when it comes to cleaning products? And the best of all, its not tested on animals!!! Bonus :)

I for one will probably end up getting the hand sanitizers. With a newborn on the way, I am going to want people to have clean hands before they touch my baby, and if I can have one that is gentle enough for sensitive skins, and is OK to be ingested (how many babies suck on peoples fingers!) I think that is the safest option for our family.

They do have other products too. Like hand soaps, disinfectants to go, and even commercial products for businesses. Go check them out today, and be green.

So, who do you use the most?

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mystery Shopping Scams: Know what to look for.

I got this today in my email today. If you are a Mystery Shopper, you know this is a scam. But if your not - this is how you know its a scam.
You NEVER get sent money to mystery shop with. That is the scam. You screw your bank account for these people. And they win most of the time. Even if you can’t cash it bc your bank needs to let it clear first, YOU will be the one screwed bc now you no longer can have your bank account - and will be labeled with trying to cash fraudulent checks.
Know that a mystery shopping company would never solicit you unless you asked for information on their jobs. Certain sites will allow you to get emails from other recruiters as they post jobs in your area - but then you know you signed up for that.
Also know, that they won’t ask you to enter your information in an email, they will send you links to their company, and will have you register as a shopper. Here is the email in its entirety. Please know the warnings. 

“Business Evaluation Secret Shoppers Services has selected you
as Secret Shopper for our organisation. You will earn $200 as
our Secret Shopper. Your employment packet will include funds
for your evaluation which would come in form a check/money
order as well as instructions attached giving you details of your
first assignment. The form of payment like we stated are in
the form of either a money orders/cashier checks which would
be delivered to your residence via one of the various courier
service in a certain amount which you would be required
to cash a your bank, deduct your survey fees of $200, & have
the remainder funds used for the evaluation you would
be required to carry out as Secret Shopper.
Send your continue interested with the following details:
- First Name ……………
- Middle Name ……………
- Last Name ……………
- Tel Phone ……………
- Cell Phone ……………
- Address ……………
- City ……………
- State ……………
- Country ……………
- Zip Code ……………
We are waiting your good response, Thank You.
Agent Recruitment@
Greet America, Inc.”

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shopping Notes

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Totsy is an online website that you can purchase baby and kids clothes and toys and more for up to 90% off. Its actually a pretty great site. For me, having a baby due in September and an 8 year old, I will def be going there to get some great deals on clothes. Check them out. Sign up for an account and receive offers via email, as well as great deals, specials, and more.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Are you a member of SavingStar? SavingStar is this cool company that allows you to earn cash back with what you buy. All you do is connect your store cards (Fry's, Kroger, CVS, etc). Then you pick which coupons you want to use. It tells you how much that coupon earns you, and just $5 gets you a reward. You can choose either a bank deposit, PayPal payout, Amazon gift card or donate it to the American Forests. You can save all your rewards and then get one big reward. Which is what I plan on doing. You should check them out.

Right now, they have some awesome deals going on...
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Sweetest Kid Photo Contest!

I bet you think your kid is the cutest of all! And of course your right. So enter them into a photo contest! These are always fun, and you never know, maybe yours is the cutest of all!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rosetta Translation Services

A week or so ago, I took my grandma to the hospital (don't worry folks, she's alright). And one of the things I noticed was the blue phones, with 2 hand sets. I realized that was translation services for those who don't speak English and need help. Its kind of cool that those phones are around, and I've never seen them out like that before. They were in every room too. Which was cool.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Halloween isn’t that far away!

Wow! 2012 is going by so fast, we are half way through it! I cannot believe it.
This Halloween we are going to have our own addition to the family – a baby girl, Isabel. And yes, I am going to be one of those crazy people dressing up their baby for Halloween while we take our older one out trick-or-treating. I’ll probably go with the classic bumblebee costume for her. Not sure yet. Maybe a lady bug, or a flower!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Are you covered?

There have been a lot of deaths lately. Many celebs, but also some family members and friends of the family. Its got me thinking... Do they all have coverage to make sure the funeral costs are covered? Or are the families stuck trying to pay for it?


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