Monday, May 14, 2012

Mystery Shopping.

I am going to start posting about mystery shopping. I do this to make extra money here and there. All the companies I work for are LEGIT. There are a million scams out there, and you gotta be careful to not get yourself into the wrong company. There are many real companies, and real jobs. Its just a matter of knowing where the right ones are.

So, I'm going to help you out!

What have you heard about mystery shopping? I bet you heard that you can make a ton of money! That you can get paid to shop! That you can get rich fast! I bet you also heard its a scam. Well... The only thing that is a scam is those first three notions: you will make money fast, you will make a lot of money, and that your paid to shop... Well, that last one is kinda true.

If a company sends you a check of any amount, and tells you to cash it, and to send some of it back to them --- Warning! Thats a scam! No company will ever do that. How mystery shopping works is you will chose what shop/assignment you want to do. Then it will give you the details, such as how much the shop pays, and how much it reimburses (if necessary). You will end up paying for some shops, but more than likely you will be reimbursed, plus pay for doing it. Some however, will be only reimbursement. For example, one shop I have coming up is for a fast food place. I have certain items I need to order, and certain things I need to observe, and then once I submit my report, I will be reimbursed up to a certain amount. Everyone pays differently. Some pay 2ce a month. Some only once a month. It is up to you to keep track! I have a spreadsheet of the jobs I have done, the date I did them, how much they pay, and then once I get paid for them, I will update with the date paid. I also keep track of if I had any expenses that need to be reimbursed.

There are also some companies that just want you to go somewhere, have a few interactions with the sales people, and spend $1 on something small, gum, soda, whatever, and upload a copy of the receipt (can be with your phone) as proof you were there. Most of those times, you get reimbursed the $1 (or up to $1, could be more, depending on the company, it will tell you though with the assignment info), and then the pay for doing the shop.

There are also apartment shops. Where you call and make an appointment to view an apartment. Act like your interested in moving there, and then report it. The pay for those can range from $20+. Usually more for urgent shops (I just did one for $40).  The instructions tell you everything you need to know. And there are MANY companies that you can shop for.

I think its best that you keep track of all the shops you do! Again, keep track of how each company pays, and when they pay (how often).

Many companies pay either via check, PayPal or direct deposit. But there are some that pay ONLY by PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, I suggest making one!
I am going to post company names and links here shortly. If you want to find them all, just search for the tag "Mystery Shopping", or click it here: Mystery Shopping

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