Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its too hot.

Literally. Its. Too. Hot. Its 88 degrees outside, which to most won't be too bad. But I'm in Arizona, which means its like an oven already. Saturday, it's supposed to be even hotter. I don't want that. Being pregnant in this heat is not going to be easy for me. I foresee a lot of complaining, cold showers, and swimming (but then complaining lol). My husband already knows this.

Plans for the summer heat? Stay inside as much as humanly possible. Wear light clothing. And best of all, drink lots of water and stay in front of the fan. Yea, we have a/c, but the fan def helps.

Ok. Off to sit in front of the fan now, and watch Ghost Whisperer, or Charmed. Whichever is on right now.

But tell me, how do you stay cool in hot summers?


  1. I think Mom's who are pregnant over the summer deserve a special medal. Both my sisters had early Sept. babies and I felt so bad for them to be so pregnant in the height of the summer. Sounds like you have the right idea about resting in the AC, and drinking lots of water. Congratulations on your pregnancy, what a great time for you and your family. So great to find your site on voiceBoks! I'm now happily following!

  2. Oh I feel your pain. I am in Arizona and my last pregnancy was through the entire summer and it was still 95 in Nov. when she was born! I floated in the pool alot. Kind of looked like a beached whale, but it felt great.

    Love the blog!



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