Saturday, March 24, 2012

How do your mornings go?

Ours varies, based on if its weekends, or weekdays/school days.  On school days, one of us wakes up Eric, and then breakfast, and give him vitamins and daily medicine (for ADHD and Pervasive Development Disorder), then the normal get dressed, brush teeth, get backpack together, and off to the bus stop. Weekends or days when there isn't school, we let him sleep in till he comes and wakes one of us up, but sometimes we are up before him. We start with breakfast, and vitamins and meds. We usually all eat breakfast together, although its not the same time every day, especially not on weekends lol. We try not to have too many mornings where we are rushing to do something, we try to always make sure we have enough time to sit and eat.  We love drinking orange juice in the mornings, its definitely a drink we like to keep in the fridge, especially with me being pregnant, getting all the vitamins I can is a plus. Tropicana is a favorite of ours, and we love having it in the fridge in the mornings.

So tell me, how do your mornings run?

Speaking of Tropicana, did you know that Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Pure Florida orange Juice is 100%  pure Florida orange juice, just like the label says. Tropicana is the largest company to buy fruit, 11.6 billion oranges (to be exact) from Florida each year. They buy from 22 different groves in Florida, mainly from the central and southern areas of Florida. The fruit from all these groves get mature at different times during the season, giving Tropicana fresh oranges throughout the entire season. Some of the growers that Tropicana buys from have had a relationship since the 1960s. Oranges were first grown in Florida in the 1560s, that's 147 years before any other state started growing oranges, so they know what they are doing down there.

Did you also know that Tropicana is currently holding a sweepstakes on their Facebook page? Yup, there are 100 Florida prizes, including a one year supply of Tropicana (59oz bottles) and a trip to visit a Florida Orange Grove. How cool would it be to see where your Orange Juice comes from, and sample it the way the growers do?! Like Tropicana on Facebook  to enter (

1 winner will win a trip to Florida to see a real orange grove and invite 3 guests for round trip airfare to Florida, a three night stay at a Florida hotel. The winner will have an exclusive experience at an orange grove. For official rules and to enter, Like Tropicana on Facebook and click the "Sweeps" tab.

So what are you waiting for? Like Tropicana now, and enter the sweepstakes. If you win, send me pictures! 

More information on Tropicana here:


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