Friday, March 16, 2012

"Mom, I have to poop!"

Thats what my son said to me about a year ago or so, while running into the bathroom. So I, (being a smart mouth) say, "Thanks for the update." You know what he yells back? "Your Welcome!" Yea, he was about 6 at the time. Sometimes kids say the funniest things! And I wish I had cameras in my house at all times to record these moments. Seriously, put me on a reality show. Not that my life is really that exciting, but I would love to have all his moments recorded for me to look back at.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ending the first trimester

I know its been a while since I posted - I've been crazy busy. I went to a family function out of state in Las Vegas (yea, we actually have family there lol) for a few days. It was interesting, being pregnant and in Vegas. We also had our 7 year old with us too - trying to explain to him why he can't play the slot machines and "games" in the casino's was fun. But he had a good time. We all did. Theres a big family reunion out there next year, around the end of March, and we are going to try to go.

After we got back from Vegas we moved to our new place. Its very nice, and much bigger than our old place. And since they are actual apartments, maintenance will be performed when we ask it to be done, and also the little things like the air filters will be provided. Our old landlord really didn't do much of nothing - especially when we told him there was a bee hive in the back patio area. So, we are super excited to be here - and the baby will have its own room!

As of today, I am 13 weeks 2 days pregnant. I was 14 weeks, but yesterday at the doctors office she said that since I am measuring small she wants to go off the measurements. So, this is the last week in the first trimester. And now I am due on September 15, 2012 - instead of September 9. Only 6 days difference.  But whats funny, is Eric measured small and still was late, I was induced and still had to have a c section. Hopefully this one decides to come on its own.

I think I am past the extreme fatigue and nausea stages, starting to feel better, and thats great! I was never sick or tired with Eric, but with this one I am. So hopefully that means a girl! I really want a girl. So, 5 more weeks till I can find out!

Alright, I am going to get going for now. I have some unpacking to do...


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