Sunday, February 12, 2012

Waiting Game...

Aw man, let me tell you. I am so tired of waiting. I got about 7 more weeks until I can find out the gender of the baby. I want to know the gender now! I don't wanna wait! I want to start buying things! I want to start telling people what I'm having. Omg.  I've already made baby registries at Babies R Us and at Target, but not giving them out until I know the gender, and can cut the registry list down some. Right now, its more of a wish list, and has both boy and girl items. Once I find out what it is, I will delete the other gender items.

Oh, how I hate the waiting game. My next OBGYN appointment is March 13, and I plan on taking my son with us to the appointment, let him hear the heartbeat, let him feel like he is a part of this experience. I think if he hears the heartbeat, it becomes more real to him. I showed him the pic from the ultrasound, and while it probably looks like a blob to him right now, the next ultrasound will look more like a baby.

Ugh. Times like this I wish we only had to wait 9 weeks like some animals LOL.

How to pass the time?


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