Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mamavation Monday for Jan 31 2011

Blogging Carnival!
I want to start this blog post off by first answering the question, which is sponsored this week by Earth Footwear.  
What does wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness is not just healthy and your weight in control. Wellness means that you are in healthy relationships, have healthy habits (or are forming them), getting enough sleep, and being happy.

When you have healthy relationships, you are likely to have a good support system, and people who love you and support you no matter what. They are happy and excited that you are starting a new venture to get yourself healthy. They may even want to join you and go on this venture with you. For me, a part of wellness is surrounding yourself with people who you support, love and trust, and they love, trust and support you in return.

When you have or form healthy habits, you are cutting out all the stuff that is bad for you, such as eating half a pizza by yourself on a Saturday night. Or, playing video games all day rather than getting outside and getting fresh air. You also form habits such as eating healthier, eating the right sized portions. Healthy habits may not just be in the form of healthy eating, but in the form of getting clean and sober. For me, part of wellness is getting into habits that are good for both your mind and body.

Getting enough sleep is a major part of wellness with me. I never seem to have enough sleep! No matter how little or how long I sleep, it’s never enough. I have slept 8 hours, 7 hours, less than that, and way more than that. It’s never perfect. I never wake up with that feeling of Wow! I slept great last night. I am hoping that a new bed and pillows will do the trick for me. You have to sleep well, in order to be well.

Being happy in general is good for your overall wellness. If your constantly depressed, sad, mad or angry, there may be something wrong, and you should get that checked out. I am a happy go lucky kinda person. I’m not usually down for long. I like to smile and make others smile, so I find it hard to stay angry or depressed for too long.

So, that’s what wellness is to me! O
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mamavation Monday 1/24/2011

OK. So this is my 2nd Mamavation Monday. But my first as an actual Sista J Exciting!
OK. So last week I really only worked out once. I bought the EA Sports Active 2, and got my butt handed to me. LOL.  I posted my info from that workout in its own blog post, but let me re-cap for those who didn’t see it: I signed myself up for the 9 week challenge. The first workout was on Thursday 1/20/11. I did it at 11pm LOL. Total work out time was 24.20min (not bad imo), 100% completion, burned 199.4 calories, average heart rate was 149 – and I’m proud to say I didn’t die!  
Also, I have started walking my son to school. It’s a half mile one way, so total for the day I will be walking 2 miles a day. I set up an account on Daily mile, and will be posting updates on my Facebook and my Twitter as I go. So weekly, I should be walking about 10 miles (less if my husband wants to get my son from school – like on Thursday they have a date to go to the park after school, I may stay home and do my work out while they are at the park.  I walked a total of about 3 miles on Friday the 21st.  
I would love to post my starting measurements (OK, maybe not LOVE), but I don’t have a measuring tape. Nor do I have a scale, but will be buying one soon. I also need to buy walking shoes – any suggestions? I was thinking Reebok Easy Tone, def not the sketcher shapeups, I have not heard too many good things with those – one of which saying that bigger people do not benefit too much from those. The shoes I get need to be somewhat affordable. Ok - a lot affordable LOL.
My goals for this week here will be to work out the 4 days that I agreed to with my PS3 LOL. To avoid snacking when I am bored – when I get the urge to munch, I will drink a big glass of water. I need to up my intake of water, and I know that. But can I have caffeine free pop? I really do love pop. And Dr. Pepper – oh how I love you. My weakness!! LOL.  Is one small glass of pop a day OK? I can’t just stop doing all my bad habbits at once, I have to ease into them, right? I don’t think cutting it out cold turkey is really that easy, is it? Questions, questions…  I will find out the answers to all my questions eventually. As I go on I will gain more information.

Alright, so now on to the question for the week…
How am I getting more fiber into my diet this New Year? Wow. Well, I plan on eating more foods that have it. But I don’t know how much fiber I need. So that would be good to know. For all I know I may be getting enough. But, I have been wanting to try those fiber one bars – I like the commercial where the guy is outside and the girl is like what am I thinking? That’s right, Nothing! LOL Love it. Those look tasty too! I actually have a coupon ( I think ) sitting around here somewhere. I definitely want to try it.  That’s my goal at least for right now. As I go on I am sure I will find more delicious foods with fiber in them too!

Alright. I think I should go for now – my son is asking to play a game. See you tonight at Mamavation Tv- my first one! J

I’m writing this post as an entry to a blogging carnival sponsored by Fiber Plus. I will be receiving free product in return.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My first workout with EA Active

I bought my EA Sports Active 2 today from Wal-Mart.  I decided I wanted to take a look at it today. I procrastinated, and ate junk food for lunch - so I felt like I needed to LOL.  So after putting kiddo to bed, I decided to turn it on. Was kinda feeling lazy and was feeling like I probably shouldn't do it at 11pm (I decided to wait about 2 hours after kiddo was in bed lol).  But, I decided to anyways.

SO. I set up myself. I decided to use the Male trainer. He seems fun - and is the kind of person I would use for a trainer if I had the money for a real one.  - Note, he is very motivating during the workout. :)

I had to put in my info. Ugh.  I remember my weight from my last doc appointment. I hate those numbers. I really do. I cannot wait till they are down and I am comfortable sharing them. That would be great. I want to loose at least 100 pounds. Hopefully I can do it by years end. That would be amazing (sooner the better! I want to buy smaller clothes! They don't cost as much LOL).  

It wanted me to choose between a 3 week and a 9 week. The 3 week said it was going to pump you up, and it was high energy. Ummm, yea no. I want to ease into it. Seeing as how I have asthma, and I do not want to over do it (plus I still have my cough from my bout with Pneumonia),  I wanted to take it a bit easier. Save the high energy for when I loose 50 lbs.

SO, of course, it wanted me to start today. I figured, might as well. Why not. Lets do it.

So, started the first workout tonight. Let me tell you, I was sweating! My heart was racing, it was hard to breathe sometimes, but I just slowed myself down, or paused the game. LOL. Pausing is probably cheating, but I would rather pause and cheat than be in the hospital with an asthma attack lol.

There was some hard points - like doing the side planks, and the push up pose -  I have a fractured elbow, I can only do so much. Its not fully healed, probably never will be as it happened Nov 30 and still is not healed.  Some of the cool downs was a bit difficult - I cannot do pretzel the way they want me too - I'm sorry, with boobs like mine, and the tummy I'm toting, I cannot do that quite right yet. But I did it to the best of my ability.  I still felt the stretch. For the planks and push up pose, I cheated. I know bad, But I did what it asked me too, and still did sweat. Which tells me it did what it was supposed to do. Right? Also, the pose where your on your hands, and your butt is in the air, and you stretch your legs - yea no. With my elbow I cannot do that. So I was on my knee, and outstretched the leg. Still felt the stretch. eventually I will be able to do that correctly. Not yet tho.

In any case.  When he said congrats, I was super happy.
Heres my stats :
Jan 20. day 1 of 9 week program.
100% completion.
199.4 calories burned (it had a goal for me of 204 but thats really close!)
Average heart rate of 149 (and I didn't die!)
Workout time - 24.20min.

I am proud of myself. My first real step in going the right direction.

Tomorrow morning, I will be walking 1 mile (to my sons school and back). Then again in the afternoon to pick him up. For a total of 2 miles - so 5 days a week, thats going to be 10 miles a week I am going to be walking ON TOP of the game working me out. Wow! I just need to change my eating habits, which I am. I also plan on getting the stuff to make those breakfast cookies- they sound amazing.

I am really excited. This is a new start for me! Super excited!

Key words: Workout, EAS Active, Exercise, weight loss.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes

Simple changes to make your life better in the New Year. That sounds good doesn’t it? Better than a resolution. Kind of like a goal. I am all about goals. If you are a subscriber to my blog (or Like me or my blog on Facebook or follow me on Twitter) you may have saw my post about my goals for 2011. This post is different. These are little changes that I can do to make my life better.  I have just joined the Sistahood over at Mamavation, and am excited to have this support group. And I think they would approve of some of these changes. I need to make these changes in order to make myself healthier, and in turn, my life would be better.
Eating healthy; I plan on eating healthier. No more snacking just because I am bored. No more eating when emotions get the best of me. If I do feel the need to snack at those times, I am going to make sure it’s healthy – like an apple, or an orange, or maybe celery or carrots. Something that would not make me feel bad later on for eating it when I was not feeling my best.
Riding my bike at least 2ce a week; I never really liked to exercise. I have asthma, so it literally hurts me to get too physical. But I have a bike. And my goal is to ride that bike at least 2ce a week. And not just down the road, but for a half hour or more each time. A bike is a good tool for exercise, and I want to set an example for my 6 year old. I plan on buying a trailer for the bike to put him in. He is not so good a rider, poor baby, fell off his bike (with training wheels) while he was going straight. What am I gonna do with him? LOL
Spend less time arguing/being mad; It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile right? So, I am going to try my best to avoid arguing with anyone. If something is really bothering me, I will walk away from that person/subject/issue, and relax, and come up with a good way to approach the person or situation. Then act like an adult. I am 24 years old now (25 in Aug 2011), and I should act like an adult more often. I cannot let little petty things get to me anymore.
Finding ways to relax more often; whether its yoga, or just meditation, I need to relax more often. This day and age everyone is so stressed out with bills, and jobs, and everything else. I need to be able to find time for me. And not just at night when I sleep. Anytime I start to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, I need to take 10 min and relax for myself. Every mom needs time to relax and rest and take time for themselves.

The main change I am making this year is my weight. I don’t have a set goal amount yet that I want to lose. But I know what size I want to be at, and I won’t stop until I get there. Wish me luck!
And good luck to all of you. Make those small changes in your life to be happy and stress free. Show your kids how to relax as well! As moms we need to set that example, and show them that it’s OK to get upset stressed out, but when you do, you should relax and calm down before reacting. That’s what I want to do for my son anyways.

Till next time :) 

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have you been on this diet?!

SO, today was one of those horrible days that you never want to happen… I was babysitting my nephews today, and out of no where, I start feeling sick to my stomach. Yay. Perfect, exactly what I need.  I get this every time that I don’t sleep long enough at night. Last night I only slept about 5 hours. So I kinda knew to expect this. But I took my nausea med and prilosec this morning, so I was crossing my fingers and praying that I would not have to deal with it… But of course it doesn’t like me and decided to go crazy! Thank God Chris didn’t have to leave here till like 330pm – which was after the boys left. I was able to throw up as needed, and run to the bathroom when needed, and did not have to worry about the boys (my nephews, I watch them on Tues and Thurs).
I am hopefully gonna get a part time position. That would be great. I think it was Mon-Thurs for 4 hours during the day. That would be nice if I get it. I can get outta the house a bit. Make some new friends. Thats my main issue here in Arizona - you cannot seem to keep friends. They only look out for themselves. I miss my friends back home, they aint sheisty, they aint shady or looking what they can get for themselves. They genuinely care for you. Woah is me, right?
In other news. I am on the best diet there is. The "I'm so nauseas that I cannot keep anything down" diet. I hope Ive lost a few pounds LOL. My luck, probably not.
So on that note, I am outie. I need to go relax and get my tummy back to normal. Talk tomorrow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kink Academy Student-sponsored blogger

I would love to be considered for this position at Kink Academy. I feel like I am a pretty open person when it comes to sex, and I also feel there is a whole world out there that I do not know of! I am open to all kinds of things, and learning through you would be a great opportunity, not only for me - but for my husband.  I think that I offer the "average" persons point of view, but with a bit of openness.

What I am looking to get out of this experience. Besides some credibility and more experience, I am looking to gain some info that I can share with my husband. To view videos that would teach me something, whether its something to due with a sexual position, or a topic of sexual nature. I would love to open my horizons and learn more. And to get paid for it doesn't hurt one bit.

To say that 2 videos a week is all that is required, is great. I will probably view more. I understand this is not a "bare minimum" kind of blogging job. I am willing to go that extra mile and take that extra step to make sure that I am doing all that I can be doing, in hopes to continue on after the initial 3 months.

I would love for you to consider me. Again, I feel that I am the average woman (when it comes to sex). I am a stay at home / work at home mom who has more than enough time to do this, and would be honored to work with you.

Thank you,

Mamavation Monday

I am pledging into the Sistahood. For those who do not know.  The Mamavation Sistahood is a "virtual living sorority who are committed to learning healthy living slowly day by day. The purpose behind the Sistahood is support. Members support each other daily on twitter and commenting on each others posts on Monday." I didn't know that this existed. Sure, I have found websites that are "support groups", however, most charged a fee! So when I came across this during a twitter party, I was shocked, amazed, surprised and happy. Yea, I have my husband who is my support. But other women would be great to have as support! SO, I am taking up this offer.

I am pledging to become part of the Sistahood sorority.  :)

So, to pledge, one of the things I have to do is create a Mamavation Monday post on my blog, and let the world know my weekly success (or failures) and challenges. I am so far from perfect, I love that they are not looking for that!

This past week, has been a challenge. Ive been feeling really tired lately. I have made some healthy meals, but also had some pizza and junk food this past week. I know, not good - but yummy. I have a mission - to find healthy snack foods! I do love rice cakes, are they considered healthy? I love them. I think most of our dinners are healthy, but we could cut out the hamburger helpers. But I need to find somethings that are easy to throw together, like the Hamburger helpers are.

This next week, my goal is to find healthy snacks that we can enjoy, that still taste really good. I also want to try not to eat when bored (thats a bad thing, I know. I'm gonna try to stop that).

How can I contribute to the Sistahood? How am I going to support the rest of the Sistas? By showing the support that I would love to have in return. If I cannot support them, then why should the support me? So I plan on giving words of encouragement, and helping those who may feel down. As well as giving congrats to those who do well and reach a goal. I will support others as I wish to be supported. Kind of a good rule, huh?

Wish me luck all!  I will keep everyone posted.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A break....

I need to take a break... Not from blogging exactly.. And not because I want to.

I have just moved, and do not currently have internet set up at my house. So, I cannot blog from the computer. I will try to blog from my Blackberry though, to see if it works. It wouldnt be a 'full' blog, but at least its something :)

As soon as I have my internet back up and running I will go ahead and start blogging. I want to make an effort to write more.

Alright, got to go for now....



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