Thursday, October 27, 2011


Not many of my readers here know that I am a singer / songwriter. I've mentioned it before, but I never really went into details.

Well, Halloween is coming and right around the corner. For kids, that means candy. For adults, it means horror movies, parties, and lots of alcohol (OK, maybe not for all adults, but a lot that I know lol). Well, at a nightclub in a neighboring city there is this thing called Halloween Havoc. Its a bunch of local artists performing, and costume contests and probably more. My sister is in a group called POZEST - its her and her fiance. (You can actually find them on Youtube - just search Pozest set it off - and the first two vids are of them). Anyways, they are performing there, and we are going to perform my song that we collabed on. My first time singing in front of folks. Kinda nervous. But with my sis there I'll be OK.  And November 26th, is my very own set! I got like 15 mins of just me (like 3 songs or so)... Very nervous for that, but confident in what I am writing... :)

Oh, for Halloween I am gonna be Nicki Minaj. Def gonna post pics of that. And pics and any vids from the show, I'll post too.

What are you doing for Halloween? Any parties?



  1. I am dying to see pics of you as Nikki Minaj! I wonder what color hair you will have. And I, too, will be consuming copious amounts of alcohol this weekend; my mom has the kids all weekend! woot! Will you ever post any of your music? I am a singer, too (just for fun, but I think I am OK). I love all things art, music, and anything off beat. My husband plays drums in a band. I haven't explored your page enough to figure out where you are from, but that is next on my list. I absolutely love your page. I think getting in contact with a web designer is in my near future :) look forward to reading more of your stuff! Now I am off to explore this beautiful blog of yours..

  2. And I just realized I am your 100th follower! Woot!


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