Saturday, September 3, 2011

Savings Angel

Have you watched any of those Extreme Couponing shows? Have you seen a lot more people use coupons in the stores? Probably. If you haven't, you must be under a rock!

Lately, the trend of coupons, is more than a trend. Its a lifestyle. Its a way for people to spend more of their money on other things for their family, like outings, or saving for a tip. Coupons really can save you money. I can attest to that. I saved over $161 in just one month. All by using coupons. Yea. I know, its sounds crazy! But its true.

There are tons of sites out there now that post what the best deals are, and where to find printable coupons. But I think that Savings Angel is different. There are many, many "Angels" working behind the scenes, entering only the best deals - store deals only, and deals that involve coupons, helping you find what the best price is. And if its a really great deal, you will see a little Angel smiley, complete with wings and halo.

Its pretty easy to get started on Savings Angel. All you do, is get signed up (you can go HERE), and after you sign up there are tutorial videos, to show you how to find what your looking for. After you view the tutorials, you can choose to not see them again on the home screen when you log in.

You go to the main page, and click on the store that your planning on shopping at. The next page it takes you to, shows all of the best deals that are currently at that store. Don't worry. You won't see old deals. The system is really cool that way in which it will delete the deal once that ad expires! Next to the deal, it will list a coupon (or more if there are more than one available, printable, and from the paper), and then will tell you what the final price of the item will be. Mine shows from lowest final price, to highest. That way I can see the freebie, or almost free stuff first!

For example: In the current ad that ends here soon for Safeway, there is a sale for Colgate toothpaste 6.4 oz tubes for .99 cents. There is a coupon in the 8/28 Smart Source for .50 cents off. Well, my Safeway doubles/triples all coupons under a dollar, so that they are equal to $1! Making that coupon worth 1.00. Meaning, that toothpaste is free! Now, I had 2 of those coupons, so I bought 2 Colgate toothpastes, for free.

Here is a pic of what it looks like on the site:
Image from my Savings Angel page.
Its pretty simple to see how it works. And there are tons of stores across the country that are listed here! There are many people, hard at work, finding the best deals for you. And its worth it. Totally worth it.

Now, I know you may be interested. But let me tell you this. If you do not watch the tutorials at first, the site may overwhelm you. I think the site may need a bit of a housekeeping effect to clean it up a bit. Make it a bit easier.  But if you watch the tutorials, then you will know what to do, and you won't get overwhelmed. At first, I did not watch the video. Just wanted to look around. And it looked crazy to me! But, I watched the video, and it made sense then. So while its not a plus, its also added a plus, making it neutral. LOL

 Ok. so now, for the price...
It is a membership. And it does cost money (You get a discounted membership at first when you join). But if you use it once and save just $20, it paid for itself.

For a one month membership its $19.95 - best if you plan your shopping trip during the week, not just the day of.

But don't be discouraged, there are several more options for paying. There is a day pass, there is weekly instead of monthly if that helps you.  There is quite a few options.

If you are a blogger, there is an affiliate program which may help you earn a little towards your membership, and once your a member for a year, you can save more on your membership costs.

I think it is worth it. Even if you just try it out.  If you are interested, go over to Savings Angel and become a member. I think it will help you, and will be worth it.

They also have a Facebook page if you have any questions.

Let me know if you join, and how much you saved!


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  1. I have been a member of SavingsAngel for over 4 years and I couldn't imagine shopping any other way. It has saved me thousands of dollars. Yes, there is a small monthly fee but they have SO much more information than the free sites so it's well worth it! They currently list deals at over 40 stores with more to come!


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