Monday, August 8, 2011

Working out again

Alright. So, I had to stop working out because I sprained my foot really bad, and was stuck in a walking boot.  Well now, its feeling better, not 100%, but better enough for me to try again. 

So I am back on my PS3 EA Sports Active 2, and am starting with the 3 week plan. I did 2 out of 4 workouts for the week, and burned 300 cals so far. I feel good about this. Some of the stretches I just cannot do right now. Partly because of my back, and the other part is because I have all tile floors in my apartment. No carpet. So laying on the floor trying to do reverse crunches hurts my back like hell. So, I lay on the couch. LOL. I’m still doing it, but not as they like…  I plan on buying small weights instead of using that resistance band thing. They don’t really tell you how to tie it so it will not come off, but I try and I knot it, and it still every once in a while pops off.

Anyways. On to the Mamavation question of the week.

This weeks blogging carnival is sponsored by Omron Fitness.

What are your currently technology tactics in your healthy living journey?

Well, my PS3 is my technology. I don’t have anything else to use, what else would there be? It would be cool to have that Nike+, but all I have is an iPad, not an iPod. Maybe in the future I will get one. That would be cool – it tracks your steps/walks/runs. Its pretty cool.  A treadmill would be nice. That counts as technology right? IDK.  Either way. Right now, all I have is my PS3. It helps me a lot.

I try to tweet, every once in a while I will tweet and mention #mamavation, but no one replies anymore… Oh well. I kinda feel like its HS… Only the popular Mamavation folks gets replies. Oh well tho, right? Just my opinion though. In the beginning it was great, but then I had to stop trying because of my foot, and it just seemed that everyone else stopped replying back… its OK though. I have my husband to motivate me… Ok, enough of that.

Alright, with that said. I think I am on my journey of losing weight. And I think its looking good. I just need to get a scale so I can keep track of my weight.



  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I'm so proud of you for sticking with your workouts despite your injuries. It is so easy to get caught up in an injury and lose the motivation to workout. If your back hurts because of your tile floor, I recommend getting a yoga mat to place on the floor. Then do your reverse crunches on that. It is a lot safer for your back, more stable, and allows you to get the most from your workout. Since you have an iPad, I would look on iTunes for fitness or food journaling apps that are both ok for the iPod and the iPad. There are a few, that may help get you the extra support you need without having to purchase another expensive piece of technology. I hope these tips help. Good luck! Write me if you feel you need more support. I'm here!

  2. Thanks for that... its really appreciated.


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