Monday, August 29, 2011

Warning: Extreme Heat Alert

Really National Weather Service? That is all that seems to come on my Weatherbug/TWC apps anymore. I live in Arizona, and August is generally the hottest month, and OMG, its been so hot! Right now, at 7pm, its 108 outside. I cannot stand it! I want to move somewhere where it rains, and the seasons change. Gets cold, and snows on/near Christmas... Is that too much to ask for? By the way, if you know where that lovely locale is, please comment and let me know!!!

So, this past Saturday was my birthday. Yupp, I am now 25 years old. Isn't that the age where you start to feel like an adult, your out of that 18-24 category, and into the 25-39 category. Wow. I bet my mom feels old LOL. I don't feel old. Or much like an adult. Maybe its because I don't work right now. Maybe its because I choose to be young/act young. Who knows.  All I know, is I went out with my sis, her bf and a friend (hubby was great and stayed home with our son) to a karaoke bar. OMG, it was the best time. Unfortunately, we were too drunk to think of taking pics/videos. And when we got back to her house drank some more. So yea, I probably should do an extra workout to compensate for that. But you know what, it was my birthday. You gotta be able to get down with ya bad self on your bday! Its only once a year!

So, my working out last week, not as often as I hoped (like, 2ce). But, better than not at all.

So, my Mamavation post isn't really much of one. Its more like, I am recuperating and will hopefully have a better post next week! But, I at least wanted to get one in. I missed last week (I was really busy).


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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope that you have a fit and healthy week :)

  2. Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! I had a big drinking night too this past week (and I'm old and it wasn't even remotely my birthday) - lol! Have a great week!


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