Monday, August 22, 2011

My first experience at Carrabba’s Italian Grill

I received a gift card for Carrabba’s restaurant for a post I did a while back (it was my form of payment).  I must admit. When it comes to Italian restaurants, I am more of an Olive Garden kind of girl. So when I got the gift card for Carrabba’s, I was happy, but kind of Leary. I know they are pricey, and honestly, if I didn’t have the gift card, we probably would not have gone.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the restaurant. It had dim lighting and soft music. The deco was very Italian, very old town Sicily. I felt like I was in a traditional Italian restaurant. I also felt a little under dressed (I was wearing a purple dress and nice flip flops), but then I saw other patrons wearing jeans and t-shirts.

We were greeted immediately, and were asked if we wanted a booth or a table. I love sitting in a booth, it’s more personal, and so we was seated at a booth. It was not ground level; it was up on a platform that was about 6 inches off the ground. The waiter came over right away, and introduced himself. He was very friendly, and very knowledgeable about their drinks and menu. He asked to start us off with drinks and an appetizer, and so we ordered a berry Sangria, as well as fried mozzarella. The waiter informed us that everything was made from scratch, nothing was frozen. Even the marinara was fresh made. He went to put the order in, and he brought out complimentary fresh bread, and brought a plate with a variety of crushed Italian herbs. He poured extra virgin olive oil over the herbs, and said that even though it looks a little weird, it is dipping oil for the bread. I just want to say, it was fabulous. It was so delicious. The drink was brought out first. The fruit was in the glass with ice, and the wine was separate. The waiter poured the wine into the glass, and boy did I feel fancy. The fried mozzarella was brought out promptly, within minutes of the drink being brought out to us.


The menu has many options, but I am a very picky eater. The waiter told me that I could order anything I wanted, and any variation of anything. He said they are a “scratch kitchen” which means they make everything fresh. And so if I wanted to change anything, I can, without a problem. I was impressed.

The waiter was very friendly, and despite having other customers, was still able to come around often to see if we were doing OK, or if we needed anything. We were taking a while to order, not sure of what to get. I ended up ordering Chicken Parmesan with broccoli and a side Cesar salad. My husband ordered Steak Marsala with pasta. The waiter brought my salad first, but the food came shortly after. It smelled delicious. And tasted even better then it smelled.

My husbands:          My plate:         

While we were eating, the waiter came by several times, ensuring that everything was to our liking, and that everything was OK. My husband asked for sour cream to go with his steak. The waiter said there was none in the restaurant (as the steak has the marsala sauce on it), but he was aiming to please. He went to the steakhouse next door and got some for my husband.

When we were done eating, the waiter asked if we wanted desert. I ordered Tiramisu to go. When I tasted it at home, it was absolutely perfect. The wait staff is very friendly, and definitely memorable. I cannot wait to go back.

This is a recommendation to anyone who wants to try something new, and delicious. The food is absolutely wonderful, and to be honest, perfect. I cannot wait to dine there again. It will be a splurge for us, but totally worth it.


|I was not paid, nor asked, to write this post. I felt the need to share with you my experience at a new restaurant.|

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  1. We like it too. The can accommodate any preferences or food allergies and the waitstaff is excellent.

    It's a nice once a year splurge.


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