Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lysol: Review + Giveaway

About a month ago, I received 2 really great products from Lysol. The new Lysol Disinfecting Dual Action Wipes, and the Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System. Let me say, both are really great! I’ve wanted the No-Touch system since it came out, but personally, I don’t buy much of anything these days without a coupon. I am so happy I got one to review! So, here is some info, and my review, and at the end, enter the giveaway!
Lets start with the Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System. This is a genius move no-touch-hand-soap-system-mdby Lysol. Whenever you use soap, you are spreading germs all over the pump. I don’t even want to know what was on our old soap pump. This system allows you to wash your hands and not have to touch it at all. You place you hand under the dispenser, and it dispenses the right amount of soap you need to wash your hands. It does require 4 AA batteries, which is included. There is an ON/OFF switch on the back of the devise as well. It comes in white, or a stainless steel look at like, so it will match your d├ęcor perfectly.  It also comes with your first fill of soap (which is really cool, you just stick it upside down in the devise, and it punctures the soap bottle, and works). 
no-touch-hand-soap-refills-mdThe antibacterial hand soap removes 99.9% of bacteria on hands when used. Its perfect for kitchen or bathroom. I put mine in my bathroom. Only downfall I found, is that it doesn’t protect from kids who thinks it’s a great new toy! But, I caught my son in the act, and he hasn’t done it again. The soap comes in 4 scents: Refreshing Grapefruit Essence, Soothing Cucumber Splash, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E with Moisturizers (which is what I have, its really great), and Antibacterial Total Care.
So besides my son playing in it at first, its really great. One bottle lasted my little family of 3 one month. Shocking, because even the pump soaps don’t last that long. I plan on getting another one here for the kitchen. The stainless finish looks great. Note, that its not actually stainless, but made to look like it to match your existing appliances.  The Aloe Vera soap is what I have, and it smells great. I have not had a chance to smell the others, but I plan on getting them and trying them out. So far, I prefer the Aloe Vera. It smells clean to me- you know, the one scent that you love that just reminds of you clean, Yup, that’s what Aloe Vera smells like to me.

Now, the Lysol Disinfecting Dual Action Wipes. I love, love, love these. I didn’t know thatdual-action-disinfecting-wipes-lg Lysol had these out yet (I don’t pay attention to commercials much lately). One side of these are the typical cleaning cloths used for every day messes. But the other side is textured to work out those tough messes that normally wouldn’t be cleaned with a wipe. I used the tough side on my stove! Yea, its that strong.  They come in two scents, Citrus, and Crisp Lemon.
I love these! Never again am I buying a “regular” wipe again. These work great on tough messes all over the house, the bathroom, kitchen, even walls and floors (I’ve tried!).

Lysol has really done it this time. I really do love these products, and I have nothing bad to say about them, at all.
Check out some great tips from Lysol:
Hand washing Tips
Hand washing Poster
Back-To-School Basics
Establish Before and After School Hygiene Habits
Cleaning and Disinfecting
Kitchen Cleaning Tips
Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Also, you should know that Lysol has a contest of their own going on! Lysol No Touch Stainless Kitchen Sweepstakes on their Facebook Page. You should check them out, and enter!  The contest is running every week through August 31, 2011. The grand prize, is a Whirlpool® Stainless Steel Kitchen Set (fridge, dishwasher and stove)!

Now, for the giveaway! One winner will win BOTH the wipes AND the No-Touch Hand Soap System!
Deadline is 9/3/2011 at 12am EST.


  1. Ok, I love the disinfecting wipes! I hand them 2 one of my older 2 kids and send them off to wipe down the bathrooms!

  2. The no touch hand soap looks awesome! Would really be handy for us. :) No more whipping the faucet multiple times a day.

  3. I acutally used one today to clean up some dried pizza sauce on my kitchen tile. The textured side worked great! Definitely going to keep these in my house stash!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I have HEARD of this product, but haven't tried it yet! This has GOT to be better than the standard (and germy) soap dispensers!

    Dara Nix
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  6. my friend has the no touch hand system and it is awesome!

  7. I tried the Lysol Disinfecting Dual Action Wipes. They are great for cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms counters.

    ginaferrell3 at yahoo dot com

  8. I have tried the wipes and love them. I always have some in my kitchen.

    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  9. Our favorite is the Aloe and Vitamin E.


  10. I love Lysol products but I have not tried the soap dispenser yet. I have tried the wipes & I love them

  11. i have tried the anti bacterial soap-in fact just ran out of the refill :)

  12. I have not tried any of these, but will try the moisturizing one the first time I do try it.


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