Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday: Relaxation time

So, my birthday is tomorrow (August 27). And I’ll be 25 this year. A whole quarter of a century. How crazy when you put it in perspective. About 1/4 of my life, gone. Interesting though, to think of how much has happened, and what is yet to happen.

What do I want for my birthday? Well, generally cash works really well (by the way, you can Donate on the right sidebar – look for the Donate button. Thanks).

So, anyways. I have plans to go to a local bar/grill/karaoke place here near me. My sister is going to do my hair, and I am going to do her makeup. She just turned 21 recently. It should be pretty fun. I plan on taking pictures. I will post them on my personal Facebook page, so if your not friends with me, add me Smile
So. What do I plan on doing after that? Relaxing, of course. I plan on taking a hot bubble bath, getting a massage from my husband (hopefully!), and just sitting back and relaxing. Something I really haven’t done for a while. 

I have a wish list of things on EdenFantasys. Its an online adult store (I’ve written about them before, several times actually LOL, that’s how great they are). They have more than adult toys, they have plenty of massage oils, and bath stuff too. I order from them regularly, a variety of everything actually. My husband knows my wish list, and I am hoping this blog post will help him a bit more!

For my bath, I plan on using either Treasure of the Sea, or Shunga Oriental bath crystals. They both seem great, and my husband knows I want them. They are on my wish list.

For my massage, well, we have Sensuous. And we still have quite a bit left. But, I have my eye on this Pheromone soy massage candle, but I still have the Bwarm massage candle. Ahh, decisions decisions. But, EdenFantasys has so much to offer! I’m stuck, Because I also want to try the Wet heating massage lotion, and the Love stuff warming massage oil.

Oh, I also plan on sipping some kind of alcoholic drink, with my pretty heart ice cubes. They are so cute!
If I am up to it, I think that some games could be fun – such as the Hands on her body twist her.

My sisters birthday was recently, and I think that I am going to buy her some fun things- like the shot glass wedding ring (she is also planning on getting married soon).  That would be funny. Or maybe these.
Decisions, decisions!

But, back to the point here. My birthday is tomorrow! And I need to relax. Babe, if your reading, take a hint, or 5! LOL

You can check out EdenFantasys by going to their website (and you may also want to be friends with them on Facebook, they offer free items sometimes!), or by clicking their banner on the right sidebar.

OH! Also, use code SU9 at check out and get a discount :)
|Happy Birthday to me!|

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