Monday, July 11, 2011

Summers here… I wanna go…..

To Virginia Beach. Really. I do.  Let me tell you why!

1. It’s a beach! Who doesn’t want to go to the beach in the summer time. I know I do. I used to live in Ohio, and we had Lake Erie to go to. But now I live south east of Phoenix Arizona (Mesa), and there is no beach here…. How sad. I wanna go!

2. Its on the east coast. I miss that side of the country. Being in Arizona for the past 7 years has been insane. I want to go back East and see my friends and family. We could all meet in Virginia Beach… That would be a great family vacation/get together. We need a reunion.

3. I really want to move to North Carolina. Yea, I know Virginia Beach isn’t in NC, but its close! And I could easily go up to Virginia Beach if I were to live in NC.

4. I really love the rain. And that side of the country gets more rain than we do here in the Valley/central Arizona. I miss seeing flowers, trees, real grass! Ahh, memories.

5. My son needs to learn about other locations. And he really wants to go to the beach. He was born in Ohio, but we moved here to Arizona right afterward. So he doesn’t know anything other than hot desert. 

6. I want to Live the Life. Virginia Beach promotes you Living the Life year round. Yea, we can do that here in Arizona.. But still. The ocean sounds much better. Don’t you think? I want to see the dolphins, the King Neptune statue, the historic First Landing Cross!

7. I want to visit D.C. And its only a 4 hour drive from Virginia Beach! I have always wanted to go and see that stuff. I never got to as a kid, and I would love to take my son to see it too. Get him some education. I think all kids should go and see the place that makes the decisions. To see our nations history.

8. Busch Gardens!!!! Now, I am loyal to my home park – Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. But you always see commercials for Busch Gardens. I would love love love to go. I really love roller coasters,and my son is starting to have an interest. But there's no amusement parks here.  Ok.. I think I need to start saving. I think I made up my mind about next summer already!

9. Coastal food. Now… I am not a seafood eater. But, my husband likes it a lot. And since I don’t cook seafood, I know that he would just love to go somewhere where the seafood is fresh, and made to his perfection.  Personally, I would much rather check out the local farmers markets and see what they have that ours doesn’t have.

10. My sons favorite. Building sandcastles, and seeing starfish live! He really wants to make a sand castle, and doesn’t quite understand why we can’t do that here in Arizona. I try to tell him there isn't a beach nearby, but he's only 7, and doesn’t understand. One day we will get to a beach. And Virginia, I have my eye on you!

So, I told you where I want to go. Tell me, where do you want to go for summer?

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Virginia Beach Tourism blogging program, for a gift card worth $40. For more information on how you can participate, click here.


  1. Fellow Arizonaina here! I love the beach too! San Diego is great and only 6 hours away! In california you have Disneyland and San Diego is Sea World. We are planning a Sept. trip although now would be absolutely lovely! =) We don't mind living here although during the summer it gets a bit warm haha But so close to many things and the best is most "amusement park" places in California are only about 6-8 hours away =) Six Flags I think is the farthest =) I often wonder why they don't have a big amusement part here....=/ Would be nice! but there would be no hope of a beach....

    I'm a new follower from DDDivas =) Try and stay cool! =)

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  2. Arizonian is what it was supposed to say =/


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