Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is right around the corner, August 27. I will be 25 years old. A whole quarter of my life will be past me. I am finally decided on a career/degree, and am going for it. I have a 7 year old son, been in a good relationship for 7 years, and married for 3.  I think that's pretty cool, huh? Not bad for a 25 year old.

So, this wishlist is more to my husband. He needs to know what to get me..

First and foremost - I want a new ring! My wedding ring doesn't fit my finger too well since my accident back in November. My arm still swells from breaking my elbow. So I can't wear my ring to bed, and generally, I forget to put the ring back on. So most days I go without my ring. Thats my major want. But if you want babe, that can wait till Christmas lol.

OK, I do really love this site EdenFantasys (use code SU9 at checkout to receive a discount). I love everything they have there, more than just the adult stuff, but the other stuff too. Here is my wishlist of the "other" stuff they have. Don't worry, its not raunchy or what not. Family friendly on this blog folks!

Ting Ting head tuner - vibrating head massager   I get headaches a lot, and I think this could help. Or at least some of the reviews says so. I've always wanted one of these contraptions, and this one vibrates at the same time, so would be great for the headaches.  "This can easily be shared between partners to relieve the temporary stresses of the day and is a way to bring a couple together for a quiet, quick 5 minute massage that both are bound to enjoy."

Shunga exotic massage oil I love it when my husband gives me massages, and we seem to run through a lot of massage oil. Until I found a different one from the EF site. It lasted forever! In fact, I still have a little less than half a bottle left. I want to have more so that way we have more of a choice to choose from when its time. There is quite a few scents, or flavors, to choose from - orange, rose, vanilla, peach, strawberries & champagne, apple, floral, fruit, lavender.

Intimate kisses aphrodisiac oil  Doesn't it just sound amazing? I think so. The label I must say is a bit extreme, you can clearly see what its used for, as its explicit Japanese art. Apparently, Shunga is erotic Japanese art (or at least that's what I gather from the reviews).  It comes in grape, chocolate, orange, mint, vanilla, and strawberries & champagne. I think I would like the vanilla and the mint. Those probably smell great.

Intimate organics body souffle Its a moisturizer for your body, and doesn't leave a greasy residue.It smells like you can eat it, but its not recommended. Its not edible. According to the reviews, its a great lotion to have, it works well, and the scent lasts. The scent isn't overpowering, but I would need to buy it to find out for myself.  Comes in quite cocoa bean/goji berry and fresh orange/wild ginger. I think I want to try the cocoa bean/goji berry.

Don't Stop Massage Oil Its pretty self explanatory. I never want my husband to stop massaging, but he always does. Maybe this would feel like its gone on longer if he uses it? Its a light oil, with a light fragrance, according to the reviews. The reviews say it easily absorbs into the skin. I like it. I want to try it.

Good Clean Love   Yea, another massage oil. You kinda get the hint right? I love massages from my husband. And I just want a lot of oils to choose from. This one comes in a few different scents, Origins, Indian spice, and Caribbean rose.

Coochy Shave Cream  I love products like these. Specifically formulated for those intimate areas, such as the title states. LOL  It allows you to shave, and prevents rashes in that area, which, by the way, sucks. Men can use this too as it softens even the coarsest facial and body hair. So if you have tough hair, this may be for you. For anywhere you want. Hmm, maybe for Chris face? Comes in Pear Berry, Original, and Green Tea. For the price, its a steal.

Coochy Protection Its a mist that you spray on after you shave. its specially formulated to form a protective barrier between shaven skin and clothing. It has botanical ingredients, and is safe. I really want to try this, to see if it works. No scents to choose from, but the ingredients produce a natural, delicate fragrance.

Shimmer Cream I like things that sparkle. So if theres a cream that has sparkles in it, then I really want it. Contains vitamin E and carrot oil to revitalize skin while, of course, adding a sexy sparkle. Its good for the skin, and made with natural ingredients. Comes in Violet Moon, or Amber Sun.

Illume the 23 collection candles  I absolutely love candles. Especially ones that smell great. Illume Candles have mastered recreating familiar scents without harsh overtones in high quality soy wax, which (paired with lead free wicks) burns clean and even.  They will burn for up to 50 hours!!! Oh yea. I def want it.  Comes in Valencia Orange, Cucumber, Pomegranate and Angel Food Cake. I want Cucumber.

Little Afterglow Sampler  I've heard of these candles, and while the price is a bit high, I heard its worth it. The votives are porcelain, and provacative scents. They are made by JimmyJane, a toy company. I really want to try them, and this set has all the scents, in smaller sizes.

Ok, theres my wishlist!! Now, make your way over to EdenFantasys, and see what you can find. Use code SU9 to get a discount at checkout.


|Pictures used are from | Blogger may have received compensation in form of a gift card. I used my own opinions/words/thoughts on the items, some descriptions include a product description found on the site.|

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