Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A childs sense of style

Have you ever noticed that your kids develop their own sense of style pretty early on? While my son still loves his character outfits (Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob, etc), he also really likes stylish clothes. He has this outfit he got for his birthday, and it looks great on him, and he knows which shorts/jeans to match it up with. It’s a green plaid type button up shirt, some blue and light green and white in it. He looks so much older with it. Its my personal Fave.

Our kids develop their sense of style from what we dress them in, and what we wear. Of course, what they see on TV and at school too. Unfortunately, he has to wear a uniform to school. Not much creativity there. But he makes do with his shoes. He picked out the cutest shoes the last time we went shopping. They are slip-ons, and have a plaid-like style/design on them.

I love seeing what he likes. It reflects his personality, and I cannot wait to see how his style evolves as he gets older.  When he was a baby, he of course did not pick out his clothes. And now that he is older (he is 7 now) he is starting to get a feel for what he likes. When we go shopping, I ask him if he likes this or that, and he will walk around and bring me back something that he found. He is pretty good at finding clothes that are really stylish. Of course, price doesn’t matter to him, but its not like we shop at expensive stores. I don’t plan on buying clothes that cost $50 when he will just outgrow them.

He is too young to care what other people think. And I hope he keeps that in mind when he grows. He can be different, he can wear clothes he likes, and not have to worry about what other people think.  I want him to be able to wear whatever he thinks he is comfortable in, whatever he likes.  Middle and High school poses some challenges, as parents fight with their kids all the time on what they can/cant and will/wont wear. I hope we don’t have those fights. Then again, he is a boy, not a girl trying to wear revealing clothes. LOL. 

His individuality is something that is going to get him far in life. I plan on teaching him that trying to fit in with the in crowd won’t do anything for him. He needs to be happy with himself, and clothing is a major part of that.  He is definitely his own person. And even though he is 7, he doesn’t need his mommy to always dress him. Sometimes he says “ Mommy I want to wear this”. I have to comply, unless it looks terrible and doesn’t match at all. LOL.

His clothing personality is stylish, yet comfortable. In style, but his own. He doesn’t always wear what you think should go together. For example, he has an orange shirt that says “This is what trouble looks like”. And instead of pairing that with jean or khaki colored shorts/pants, he wears his orange shorts with it… yea, a lot of orange. But he likes it, and he is happy because he picked it out… I love when he is happy. That’s when I smile the most.

Come to think about it. I dressed my own way in school too. I never followed the crowd. And still pretty much don’t.

So. How does your child dress themselves? How does it reflect their individuality?



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