Sunday, July 10, 2011

... Been MIA ... Have you missed me?

Ok.. So the past few weeks has been a bit crazy. My son is on a new medication. One that is supposed to help keep him calm, take away some aggression he has, and what not... I've seen some improvements. But still having issues with him and sleep.  Ugh. I just want something to work. Completely. I feel at this point it never will...

Anyways. I haven't studied for school in about 2 weeks.  I need to get my butt back in gear. I'm slipping on everything.. Part of me just doesn't wanna do anything. Part of me wants to kick myself back in gear. What to do? I set myself on a schedule too. Thats the sad part.

Ugh .  As far as working out... I haven't really been able to. My foot is still sprained real bad, and I am supposed to be in a walking boot. But you probably guessed it, I hate wearing it.  So I've been keeping my foot elevated as much as I could.  I do want to get back at it. The foot doc wants me to go to physical therapy, but at $20 a visit, 3x a week for 3 weeks - I cannot afford that. Not right now.  So, I keep stretching it, keep it elevated, and hopefully soon I will be back to normal.

I need to keep myself motivated. Lately all Ive wanted to do is kick back and relax. But I know that I cannot keep on that path.

So for now, I am going to slowly get myself back in gear.

Good luck to all the Mamavation Finalists, you are all winners in my eyes. Congrats Mamavation for being 2 years old.  The amount of lives changed in those 2 short years are plenty, and many more will be in the upcoming years! Congrats to you!



  1. Have you tried doing a work out in the water? Like water aerobics or just swimming? If you can't find a class you can look up moves online. I am firm believer in using the water! And if you don't do shallow water aerobics, you use a belt and you don't even touch. So you won't be bearing weight on your foot.
    Anyway, just a thought! Keep your head up! It will get better.
    Have a great week!

  2. A sprained foot or ankle really puts a damper on exercise. I hope it heals soon for you.

  3. Hope you can back in a saddle soon. But whatever you do, try to stay consistent. Have a great week

  4. Baby steps will help you get back in the groove soon enough. Heal and set your foundation in the meantime.


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