Friday, June 10, 2011


No, that’s not a typo. Its pronounced Time Out. It’s a nifty little App for Apple users (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad can use it too). Its “The ultimate discipline tool with full Facebook integration to contribute, vote and share ideas”. 

Some of the features are:

-Multiple Timeout timers for any of your kids
-Notification of timeout completion, even if there is an other app running or the device is locked
-The correct timeout length is stored for each kid, based on age or however you wish

There is also a “Wheel of Punishment” where you can put your 8 favorite punishments on a roulette-style wheel and spin when they are in trouble. Supports up to 3 wheels, for different kids or age groups. You can edit text on the wheel.

Another cool little feature is the Star Chart tracking. You can follow and encourage your kids progress towards better behavior. You can give gold or white stars. A “frowny face” is automatically scored when a child received a Timeout that day. 

There is much more to this app. Check it out. For only $.99 on iTunes, its not a bad deal. I know my son would probably benefit from this. I think he would like the star chart the most. I think I like the wheel of punishment. I could have him spin it, and he would have to follow whatever punishment it landed on. Whether its no DVD player, or no PS3, etc. I like that.

So, go check it out here:   Tymoot on iTunes

Check it out. Let me know how it works for your family!


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