Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mamavation: Food is Fuel.

I know its late, but better late than never, right?!

So. Let me start by saying how this week went.

Finally it seems things are looking up for us. We have been struggling for a little bit here, and it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train after all. Its an exit. And we’re actually at it. We were able to get caught up on rent, get rid of a payment, and catch up on bills all around. It’s a blessing. And it came at the right moment, at the right time. Literally. So much weight has been lifted off of me. Oh, I also paid off all that I owe to my school for tuition, and am finally back on track.

As far as my workouts go, I’m still in the walking boot, and not able to do much. What can I do? I want to try to work out, yes, with the boot on, and see how it goes. Some things Ill be able to do. But, I don’t know if the EA active will be able to let me do that. Ugh. Trying is trying, right?


Alright, so for this weeks question:  What gaps in your nutrition knowledge do you want to fill? Well, honestly, I want to know how to shop healthy on a budget. Most of the healthy stuff costs more than my budget allows. How can I make things like Hamburger helper healthy? Quick, easy, and filling. Also something that my kid will eat. He is very picky. Its just so hard. That’s what I want to know. How to eat what we already eat, but make small changes to make it healthier. That’s why I really wanted to get in on the George Forman thing, but I wasn’t selected. I could have really used that. Maybe next time, if theres one. I do want to try to buy one… But kinda outta budget. 


Anyways. So that was my week, in a nutshell. : )



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