Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

I'm sitting here watching Storm Chasers. And realizing its after 1am. That means its Fathers Day. I am sitting here reflecting. On everything.  I hate that my husband has to work on Fathers Day. I wish we could have holidays like this off together.  We don't seem to get much time together. Even though I don't work and I stay home, its as if we don't see each other enough.  But there's nothing we can really do.

My husband is the most awesome, wonderful, hardworking man I know. He is loving and caring. Patient and kind. He is patient with not only me, I can admit I have some growing up to do. Ok, maybe a lot in some categories. But he is also patient with my son. He loves my son like his own. My son knows no other. MY son. Do you hear me. OUR son. I need to get over saying that. We've been together for as long as my sons been alive. 7 years. I need to get My Son out of my vocabulary. Our son. Our son. He is patient with OUR son and his "issues" as we call them.   :::: Side note... If you have not read my blog before, my son is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (pervasive development disorder to be exact). He also has ADHD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Yea, that sounds fake, but its real. ::::

My husband understands, but absolutely hates, my medical issues - even though they are unknown, and the docs have no clue whats wrong.  He lets me sleep in most mornings and wakes up with Eric. He buys me almost anything I ask for, if we have the money at that time. You could say I am spoiled. But its all my husbands doing.  I love my husband, and all that he does for me. Does today have to be just Fathers Day, can it be Husbands Day too?

I cannot say How much I love my husband. Hes there for me, pushing me to do better, go farther, and push past my own limits. When I don't feel like studying, he tells me I need to. When I don't feel very confident, he tells me how hot I am. When I don't feel beautiful, he tells me how gorgeous I am. He always wants me to do better, and to make myself better. Not for me. but for US. All of us.

I love my husband. A wonderful Father. And I am so lucky to have him.

I love you babe!

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