Thursday, May 26, 2011


When you go to an amusement park or a large area where lots of people are. Are you the one who color coordinates your kids shirts to your own? Thinking that you can be easily spotted. Well, chances are, other families think the same thing. Theres not enough colors in the color spectrum to do this for everyone. And little kids don't know a number to call you if they are lost.

Well, this site TigTagz has Childrens ID bracelets that are cute, and fun for kids to wear. And get this - they are basically kid proof - tear, sweat and water proof. Disposable too. The bracelet is like a medical alert bracelet for the kids, and also can have a phone number or two on it in case they get lost, a grown up can call you. You can put if the child has an allergy to foods, or a condition like Autism, or Epilepsy. I think this is genius. Perfect for kids.

With designs like princess crowns, skull and cross bones, farms, baseball, the beach, lions, airplanes and more - your kid would not mind wearing them.

Check them out here. TigTagz

If you order, send me a pic. I want to see what design you picked out. :) 


Note: I was not given a sample of this product. I was payed a small fee to do a short post about them. In no way am I affiliated with this company. The opinions stated are my own.

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