Monday, May 23, 2011

Snacking Healthy?

Question: What keeps you from having healthy snacks on
hand when you are out of the house?

Well, for starters, generally there isn’t anything healthy out there for on the go. In order to snack healthy, I would have to load them in my purse. The chances of me carrying a big purse – well, ok, I’ll admit, it’s a 50/50 chance. But I also have smaller purses, in which nothing extra would fit. Healthy snacks, for me, are pretty much veggies and fruits. I don’t want to count calories, or anything, so I don’t bother with those 100 calorie packs, because quite frankly, I don’t think limiting your calories matters too much. Honestly. If you eat smaller, proportionate meals, that are healthier, you will have a better chance of loosing weight. Also gotta pair that with exercise.  Counting calories and carbs I think is a waste of time. No offense to those of you who do that/swear by that/have lost weight by doing that. Congrats to you. But me – no. I have had lots of doctors, people, and even health shows say that counting carbs and cals is not going to help everyone. Denying your body what it wants/needs is not good. And some people need more carbs/cals than others. So… yea.

Mamavation moms. I have been out of commission! I feel like every time something starts going up – it comes right back down. I bought a pair of those Shape Up type shoes (payless brand, cheaper, just as good). And on May 16 was out all day with my husband for his birthday. We started the day at 815am. Walking my son to school, then catching the bus to Dennys – he gets a free breakfast lol. Then over to WalMart, needed to grab dairy pills (I am lactose intolerant), and then a few shops down is the movie theater. We saw something borrowed. In default I won that, because everything he wanted to see already started, or was for later that day. It was alright. Ended how I thought it would. Movies are so predictable that way nowadays.  After that, we caught the bus to the light rail to take us to downtown Phoenix. Mind you, there is a lot of walking in this equation. The bus doesn’t go all the way to Dennys, and the walking in between busses isn’t as short a walk as I had hoped. But, I have those new shoes, and I am realizing I don’t hurt like I normally would.
We get to downtown Phoenix, we are going to a Diamondbacks baseball game. They played the Padres. Neither of us had been to a baseball game, well, I had when I was young, but does that really count? So we are there early on purpose, we want to go to Fridays. And this Fridays is different – Google Fridays Front Row Phoenix, and check out how cool that is (some of the next parts makes more sense if you know what its like). So while we are eating in there, we are watching the Dbacks practice/warm up. We only ordered potato skins and nachos- I failed to see that there's jalapenos on them, too hot for me! We of course had soda and water, and I got a mojito (which, by the way, they don’t make so well). 
So after we are done eating, we head down. We still have an hour till the game starts. We go to our seats. We have decent seats. Its on the lower level, out by 3rd base/outfield. Pretty nice. Can see everything. But as I am walking down to the seats, the first 6 steps are really close together. Doesn’t even feel like steps that’s how close they are… The 7th step, well, that ones a doozy. Its probably 6-7 inches, or more deep. And there's not a warning sign. so I miss, and my left ankle goes to the left, I go to the right, but still manage to fall to the left –almost hitting my head on the railing. It took me a min to get up. I could not move my ankle. I’m trying everything I can to not cry. I slowly get up – my husbands trying to help me, but I need to do this on my own. He will try to pull, and I need to pull myself. 
I get up, and limp to our seats. No one came to help. There was security around – right at the top of the steps, and no one came down to see if I was OK. Weird. but whatever. We sit for a while, and watch the pre-game stuff. Cleaning the field, using the rake thingies over the sand/dirt areas. The boys and girls club have a mini parade around the field. the mascot playing, etc. It was cute.
Around the 3rd inning, I wanna try to walk around, and see whats there. Get a snack. I walk, with a limp. We grab a few things and head back. We decide to sit towards the top of the steps, instead of going down to our seats, as its too crowded down there, and open up at the top. Much better lol. My ankle still hurts, and I think I should probably see first aid before we go. Around the 8th inning we decide to go to first aid. I walked all the way there. Limping. I know. All the first aid people did was give me an ice pack. Really? how am I supposed to hold that while I walk? Waste of time. We get on the light rail and go home.
The next day, it still hurts bad. so I call the foot doc, and make an appointment for the next day. He says its not broken, but really badly sprained. I have a temp cast on for 1 week, and a walking boot for at least 3. Fun. So, I am yet again gimpy. LOL. its interesting. The cast itches, and makes my foot sweat. ew. But I have 2 more days! Then that’s off, and its just the walking boot. woo!
Anyways. that was my week… How was yours?

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