Sunday, May 1, 2011

How do you reward yourself?

How do you reward yourself after you have worked hard towards a goal?  Do you have any pampering rewards thought out for future goals?


Well, if I reach a goal, I usually get rewarded with iTunes, or shopping for a new favorite dress at Target (they have some really cute dresses!), or I get to order from one, or sometimes more than one, of my favorite sites (EdenFantasys, EyesLipsFace, ShopTheLook).I love those rewards. Nothing there is harmful to my health, nothing requires calorie counting, I don’t need to watch how much I use of them, I can have as much as I want. Its much better filling my online cart up, than filling myself with fattening foods at my favorite restaurants (I swear, is AppleBees, the Keg steakhouse, or IHOP). I think its much more rewarding, and it lasts much longer than food. 

I would love to hear how you reward yourself.

Alright. So with that said…

This week has been interesting. I had to resign my position at Uhaul, because my internet is not what it needs to be to work from home. So – long story short, the other ISP in my area actually doesn’t provide service to my zip code. Not like were in the middle of the desert. We are in the middle of the city. and actually, my neighbor is in the other zip code, that does get serviced. I was pissed, and posted it on their Facebook wall, saying how can someone 10feet away get service, but I cannot!?  So because of that, they are doing what usually takes a year, in only 4-6 weeks! So my manager told me that it would be best to resign, and he would put in the paperwork what is going on, that way when it is fixed, I can get my position back. Woo! So about June or so, I will have it back… BUT, I have gotten a job that is part time. Its with a company that does market research. Pay is hourly, and decent. I like it, I start Monday. I am excited. Its also at home. So I got rewarded with a $30 haul from EyesLipsFace – Ooh how I love makeup!

I went to my doctor to do a pregnancy test. I am not pregnant. That sucks. But since I am not, I am back on depo for birth control. This will allow me to focus on loosing weight. I plan 3 years. Then I should be down by 100 pounds – or close – and then I can try again for having a baby. I am putting my ass in gear. He is referring me to a bariatric doctor to get me with a nutritionist and whatever else he can do. 

I told my doctor that I am excessively thirsty. I asked what can cause that. I mean literally, a 2ltr of pop a day – or more if I allow myself. But I am drinking water by the gallon. Daily. Sometimes more than a gallon… What is wrong? He said it could be a pre signifier for diabetes!!!! Omg, are you kidding me?! so I think they are gonna have me do blood work to be sure. But jeez, I hope I do not have that. It would mess me up bad!!! Another reason to get my butt in gear.


In other news. I plan on turning into the crazy coupon lady! I want to save money like those people on extreme couponing in TLC do. Its amazing what they can do.  I cannot wait. Ill let you know how that goes.


Alright. Im off for now.. Im tired, and I gotta work tomorrow…




I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win a Eco Ethical Skincare Basket from Tilvee


  1. I am so with you on the extreme couponing. I want to save money like that too. It sounds like you are pretty focused.You definitely do not want to mess around with diabetes. Hopefully that is not it and your body is just telling you that need more water :)

  2. Exteme coupon cracks me up I So want to save like that! Yes please make sure you get the diabetes checked out to be safe!

  3. I've heard the same thing, that excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes. My mother and grandmother have diabetes, so I can understand the obstacles it brings. But I definitely hope this is not the case for you! Just let it motivate you to strive for healthier choices in your life, and remember to always do it for your health, not for the superficial skinny! ;) So many of us fall into that trap of beating ourselves up for not having the perfect body, but in reality, all we have in life is our health, and that's enough to keep anybody motivated. I hope everything turns out great for you, and good luck in your couponing venture! :)

  4. Good luck with the diabetes testing, glad you're getting it checked out. You sound like you have a lot going - good luck with it all.

  5. good luck with your your week and goals

  6. Glad you are working with bari and potentially a nutritionist to get you at a healthy place soon. Best of luck avoiding "the sugar" as diabetes is known in some circles. Now that you are not with child use that to kick your rear into shape for when you do conceive.

  7. Glad you are getting tested for diabetes. It's scary for sure but if you discover it early and it's type II, you can reverse it. Best motivation to keep going.


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