Sunday, May 8, 2011


Graduation is right around the corner for most folks… Closer to most here in Arizona, as they graduate at the end of May, rather than a week into June…
I remember my graduation. How could I forget? I was like 8 months pregnant with my son. Insane. I was so emotional. I cried at the speeches, and I blame it on being pregnant. Hormones and all. Thankfully, I was sitting next to people who knew that I was pregnant, and had tissues on hand LOL . I was such a mess. Partly, because I was pregnant, yes. But really, at graduation you realize your no longer a kid. You are responsible for yourself now. You are going onto college, or whatever your plans may be… You realize that all your hard work has paid off. You finally did it!  Its like a weight lifted. Now you know you can go to college and get a great job making good money (hopefully). 
I remember in the audience was my mom, dad, and sister. And of course my circle of friends parents were there cheering us all on… It was great. I still have pictures (somewhere).

Everyone has a graduation coming – whether it is a pre-school, kindergarten, high school or college graduation. I am sure you know someone that’s going to graduate from something. Why not make sure you can remember this moment forever! This is not something you want to ever forget..

You should definitely check them out, no matter what the occasion.
Send me pics of the graduation! I would love to see!


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