Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mamavation: The trouble with snacks is…

Ugh. Snacks. I admit it. I snack when I am bored. I don’t necessarily snack when I am hungry and looking for a quick fix. I snack when I have nothing better to do. In all reality, chances are, I do have better things to do – clean, homework, blog, work, etc.

The sad part is, I can see that my son sees this. I can see that he noticed it at some point in his life.. I notice the he eats when he is bored! He is 6! That is horrible. I hate that. I sat down and talked with him – I told him that I do it, and I see that he does it, and its not good. I promised mommy would stop. And that he should too. I explained to him that after school, a small snack till dinner is Ok, but no more snack after snack – no more yogurt, then cookie, then granola bar, then another yogurt. That’s gotta stop. We go through snacks like people go through socks! BUT.. He has days where he cannot stop eating, other days where he doesn’t want to eat much. I understand this is normal with kids, but I wish he would not be so picky?

How do you deal with a picky eater… Seriously picky.

Mamavation question (brought to us by Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn):  Are you a sweet or savory snacker?  What do you look for in a healthy snack?  -- It depends on the day. Some days I love salty, other days I need sweet. A healthy snack? Its gotta taste good and be satisfying/filling. I like those Quaker crisp thingies. They are soo good. The apple ones are the best. Speaking of, I need to buy more. 

I was going to apply for this current Mamavation Campaign. However… I decided that I should wait, and apply for the next one. Here is why: I really want to be in this campaign. I think it is amazing. BUT: I think before I join it, I should be making a stronger effort on my part in order to participate. I should be eating healthier, more often – otherwise, what would be the point to join this? I think that I need to make conscious decisions first. And make good decisions that will help me get a step in the right direction. AND THEN apply, and hopefully get accepted. I feel if I enter right now, as I am, I would be hearing things like “But she doesn’t work out all the time” or “she doesn’t eat healthy regularly” etc. I want to change those first, before I join. That way my commitment and my effort is shown beforehand, and therefore you all would be more likely to vote for me : ) I think that makes the most sense. I really do want to apply. But I knew that I needed to make changes myself first. I think that is only fair – if I am going to be getting this awesome opportunity, than I should be willing to show some change ahead of time. So, that’s what I am doing. And hopefully on the next campaign, you all will vote for me because you see my constant, and continuing changes in my life.. Such as not eating a bag of jelly beans in 2 days. I know. But its Easter candy! I love it! Ugh.. Back to walking it off. lol

Anyways.. I know its late – but for some reason, my stupid computer was acting up and I could not find the link. I asked on monday on Twitter, using the hashtag, but no reply. So I gave up posting that day. PLUS I started my new job. Remember a few weeks ago, I told you that I got hired from Uhaul to work from home doing reservations. Well my training started on Monday. I am excited. So far, so good. Its not difficult, yet, but it is only training LOL.

Alright. Off to go watch some HGTV, and then gotta do some cleaning around the house. Oy.


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  1. I think it is wonderful that you picked up on this so young. I wonder sometimes if I pack mine enough for lunch because once they come home they want to snack and snack, etc. I let them have an apple now until dinner. Before I would've let them have whatever their hearts wanted. Not now, not now that I see what my habits were doing to them. I noticed through the holidays I ate less, even on Valentine's day I only had 1 piece of chocolate and that is Unlike me. The kids had a small box of chocolates each (they had 5 pieces in them) and they had to eat one a day. I think you are doing great and can't wait to see how you do in the next few months.


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