Monday, March 28, 2011

Best thing about Easter!

Candy! Egg hunts! Easter Baskets, oh my! The best thing about Easter for me is all of those things, and the cute Easter outfits for the kids. I wish I had a little girl to dress up in the cute Easter dresses, but I have a boy, and the suits are just as cute. 

I know for most people, religious reasons are the main point for the holiday, but with a young kid, its hard to get them to sit still long enough, and then to understand what all that means. Eventually, my son will understand enough to learn it. Until then, Easter for us is a great time to spend with family, friends, and go hunting for eggs!

We usually hide eggs around the house, with money and candy (not both in the same egg of course). My son loves finding them. This year, we plan on going to my inlaws, which we do every year, and have a lunch/dinner/bbq of sorts, and let my son have at it. Since we live in Arizona – hopefully its nice enough to go swimming. That’s always a favorite!

I remember when I was little, it was one of those holidays that kids just look forward to. Candy and all. Going outside in our Easter dresses after pictures, talking with friends and comparing who got what, running around the yard finding the eggs my parents hid for us. It’s a day for adults to remember/celebrate, and to have fun on. A day to get together, and enjoy each others time. A day for kids to just be kids, and enjoy the time with the family.

Easter for us is not as big as, say Christmas or Thanksgiving, but is still one that we take time to be with our families. We don’t get to see some of our family too often, so its one of those days in the year that we know we will see each other no matter what is going on. Usually we don’t have to work (my husband can work any day in the week, but usually, he has holidays off – this year we are hoping that he has Easter off), and this allows more family time.

This year, my favorite thing will be that I will get to spend it knowing that I am getting financially stable. We are getting our finances in order, and are getting back on our feet from a horrible 2010, and are going to be able to do better this year, and stand on our feet! So thankful for that right now!

So, my lovely readers who make me smile when you comment… Tell me… What is your favorite thing about Easter?




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