Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping the family happy?

Nowadays, how the heck can we keep all of the family happy? Well, keeping my husband happy includes ESPN HD, and my son, DISNEY or NICK JR/Nickelodeon. But that can’t be all, can it? I want to take a look at this…

I think we all know how a wife keeps her husband happy, and generally, its not safe for this kind of blog. But, lets face it, that’s a real way to keep a husband happy – to keep it satisfying, to keep it fresh, and surprise him. But again, that’s not the only way. But I am sure there are women who think this is the only way. And that is sad, honestly.

To keep my husband happy, I talk to him. Compromise. Work things out. Try not to go to bed mad at each other. Always finish out an argument/disagreement, because I hate to go to bed mad and wake up the next morning with that same issue going on. Talking things out keeps both of us happy.

I keep him happy by helping out with the household chores. If he works late, keep some food on a plate in the fridge for him, so all he has to do is heat it up. Making his favorite foods keeps him happy too. He loves lasagna, and loves macaroni and cheese. I can make mac and cheese home made, and I bake it in the oven. I haven’t even attempted to make the lasagna from scratch. Seems intimidating. I keep him happy by being in a good mood, being myself. Being ME and not trying to be like susie homemaker, because he knows that’s just not me. He likes that I am myself, and loves it when I go out of my way to do something – but doesn’t make me. That keeps both of us happy.


Keeping my son happy – that’s a whole ‘nother story. He prefers to be kept happy with painting, video games, and cartoons. LOL. I try to get him to do other things, and get into other activities – but at the same time, with ADHD, anything that keeps him occupied and focused is great. He’s quite easy to keep happy these days. Who know how long it lasts for though Smile 


I prefer, to keep us all happy, by remaining a family that communicates with each other, talks things through, and being honest with each other. There is nothing to hide or lie about, so there really isn’t a need for crazy heated arguments. Most of our “fights” are just disagreements. And they usually work out just fine for us. 

So readers, what do you do to keep your family happy?



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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sitting at the computer less.

So, its officially week 2 of my new job, and I am sitting on my butt at my computer less than I thought I would. I thought I would be at my computer longer than I already am, but turns out, that after HAVING to sit here for hours at a time is a turn off. And I want to get away from the computer on the days that I work. So that’s good, right? No. Because I just move to the couch or the bed. I am not motivated. This year and my motivation is my weakness, and biggest challenge this year.  And I am still struggling with it. I am trying to get moving, but having been sick most of this year so far, its just been hard. And I hate to be complaining about this, but, what else can I say?!

I want to get out and ride my bike. I am in search of a trailer for my bike to put my son in, and have him trail along with me when I need to go somewhere, or if I want to go riding, and even to take him to and from school. They are kinda pricey though. So as soon as I get one I will be up and out more and more. For now though. I need to get my butt motivated inside. THIS is why I want to wait to apply to be the next Mamavation mom. I want to make these changes myself first – and then get in gear, and apply. Then I will be a better example, and be a better candidate. So that’s my plans for the next few months. Start working on that…


Question of the week. Sponsored by Earth Footwear.

Q: Where will your feet take you this year? Any plans for a big hike, race or just a lot of walking?

A: At this point, I just want to get out and walk more. I have weight to loose before I can think of trying to do a race of any kind. So as of now, my feet are going to take me walking. I am gonna get my butt in gear (as previously mentioned) and walk more. Make it an almost daily routine. But it takes a few weeks to set a new habit. So I am going to get there soon. Wish me luck.

Best thing about Easter!

Candy! Egg hunts! Easter Baskets, oh my! The best thing about Easter for me is all of those things, and the cute Easter outfits for the kids. I wish I had a little girl to dress up in the cute Easter dresses, but I have a boy, and the suits are just as cute. 

I know for most people, religious reasons are the main point for the holiday, but with a young kid, its hard to get them to sit still long enough, and then to understand what all that means. Eventually, my son will understand enough to learn it. Until then, Easter for us is a great time to spend with family, friends, and go hunting for eggs!

We usually hide eggs around the house, with money and candy (not both in the same egg of course). My son loves finding them. This year, we plan on going to my inlaws, which we do every year, and have a lunch/dinner/bbq of sorts, and let my son have at it. Since we live in Arizona – hopefully its nice enough to go swimming. That’s always a favorite!

I remember when I was little, it was one of those holidays that kids just look forward to. Candy and all. Going outside in our Easter dresses after pictures, talking with friends and comparing who got what, running around the yard finding the eggs my parents hid for us. It’s a day for adults to remember/celebrate, and to have fun on. A day to get together, and enjoy each others time. A day for kids to just be kids, and enjoy the time with the family.

Easter for us is not as big as, say Christmas or Thanksgiving, but is still one that we take time to be with our families. We don’t get to see some of our family too often, so its one of those days in the year that we know we will see each other no matter what is going on. Usually we don’t have to work (my husband can work any day in the week, but usually, he has holidays off – this year we are hoping that he has Easter off), and this allows more family time.

This year, my favorite thing will be that I will get to spend it knowing that I am getting financially stable. We are getting our finances in order, and are getting back on our feet from a horrible 2010, and are going to be able to do better this year, and stand on our feet! So thankful for that right now!

So, my lovely readers who make me smile when you comment… Tell me… What is your favorite thing about Easter?




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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mamavation: The trouble with snacks is…

Ugh. Snacks. I admit it. I snack when I am bored. I don’t necessarily snack when I am hungry and looking for a quick fix. I snack when I have nothing better to do. In all reality, chances are, I do have better things to do – clean, homework, blog, work, etc.

The sad part is, I can see that my son sees this. I can see that he noticed it at some point in his life.. I notice the he eats when he is bored! He is 6! That is horrible. I hate that. I sat down and talked with him – I told him that I do it, and I see that he does it, and its not good. I promised mommy would stop. And that he should too. I explained to him that after school, a small snack till dinner is Ok, but no more snack after snack – no more yogurt, then cookie, then granola bar, then another yogurt. That’s gotta stop. We go through snacks like people go through socks! BUT.. He has days where he cannot stop eating, other days where he doesn’t want to eat much. I understand this is normal with kids, but I wish he would not be so picky?

How do you deal with a picky eater… Seriously picky.

Mamavation question (brought to us by Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn):  Are you a sweet or savory snacker?  What do you look for in a healthy snack?  -- It depends on the day. Some days I love salty, other days I need sweet. A healthy snack? Its gotta taste good and be satisfying/filling. I like those Quaker crisp thingies. They are soo good. The apple ones are the best. Speaking of, I need to buy more. 

I was going to apply for this current Mamavation Campaign. However… I decided that I should wait, and apply for the next one. Here is why: I really want to be in this campaign. I think it is amazing. BUT: I think before I join it, I should be making a stronger effort on my part in order to participate. I should be eating healthier, more often – otherwise, what would be the point to join this? I think that I need to make conscious decisions first. And make good decisions that will help me get a step in the right direction. AND THEN apply, and hopefully get accepted. I feel if I enter right now, as I am, I would be hearing things like “But she doesn’t work out all the time” or “she doesn’t eat healthy regularly” etc. I want to change those first, before I join. That way my commitment and my effort is shown beforehand, and therefore you all would be more likely to vote for me : ) I think that makes the most sense. I really do want to apply. But I knew that I needed to make changes myself first. I think that is only fair – if I am going to be getting this awesome opportunity, than I should be willing to show some change ahead of time. So, that’s what I am doing. And hopefully on the next campaign, you all will vote for me because you see my constant, and continuing changes in my life.. Such as not eating a bag of jelly beans in 2 days. I know. But its Easter candy! I love it! Ugh.. Back to walking it off. lol

Anyways.. I know its late – but for some reason, my stupid computer was acting up and I could not find the link. I asked on monday on Twitter, using the hashtag, but no reply. So I gave up posting that day. PLUS I started my new job. Remember a few weeks ago, I told you that I got hired from Uhaul to work from home doing reservations. Well my training started on Monday. I am excited. So far, so good. Its not difficult, yet, but it is only training LOL.

Alright. Off to go watch some HGTV, and then gotta do some cleaning around the house. Oy.


I don’t feel like adding my regular signature. So,



I am testing how this will look… I discovered that I have Windows Live Writer on my computer (duh! It’s a Windows computer!) and am trying to see how it all works… Wooo  Yay me!



Monday, March 14, 2011

Mini Spa at Home + Giveaway for you!

Eye candy Coolers

I have insomnia. No matter how little or how much sleep I get, its never enough. I could sleep all day, all night and still be really tired.  If I sleep too little, I get sick to my stomach (its ugly). I’ve tried 6 hrs of sleep, I’ve tried 8 hours, I’ve tried 12 hours. Nothing works. I cannot fall asleep on my own, and cannot stay asleep. Part of it is insomnia, part of it is my back (I have degenerative Disk Disease in my lower back). My sleep is so irregular I am surprised I have figured out which way is up. Even more surprised that I know when its daytime. LOL   I often have dark circles and bags because I am so tired. Makeup doesn’t seem to cover it well - and some makeup just seems to make it worse! I was on the lookout for a product that would help me out!

You may not have heard of Eye Candy Coolers - but let me tell you, this is one product you should have heard about by now.  This is a great little affordable product. Simply place in the fridge for a while, or in the freezer for a few minutes to get them cold, and place on your eyes for a quick pick me up. These are reusable, candy-colored soft gel rounds that work quickly to reduce puffiness, minimize dark circles and fine lines, and soothe pesky tension or stress headaches. Of course, everyone is different, so it may not work as well on you - but they are a great way to relax and have a spa day without spending the spa prices.

All the colors available - pink, blue,
tangerine, and cucumber.
These cute, candy looking eye pads are 2.5 inches in diameter, and you get 1 set of 2 in a reusable plastic case. Which is perfect - easy storage, and can be stored in the freezer or fridge and not have any smells from food that you have in there. These are safe to use over and over and over again.

These were seen in Redbook as “The Goods You Need to Get Cozy and Look Hot Under $50” (Nov 2010), M Magazine “For the woman in every mom” (Dec 2010), and Scene Magazine (Winter 2010).

Another Perk about this company - EVLooks, LLC donates a percentage of all proceeds to breast cancer research. A great company indeed!

Ok, so your asking, “What do you think?”

Well, I love them! I cannot seem to stop using them. I simply put them in the fridge for a while, and then when I am ready to use, I put them on my eyes, and an eye mask over top to hold them in place.  I received Cotton Candy Pink - I wish it was a bit darker of a color, but it is pink- just like I wanted.  There are also other colors, such as Classic Chillin’ Cucumber -which is made to look like a Cucumber! So, traditional, without the mess! There is also Sugared Ice Blue and Tart ‘n Tangy Tangerine. Very candy colored indeed.

Anyone who is loves a good spa day, and loves to find ways to have a spa day at home and not pay the crazy prices of a spa - you would love this.  This is a great way to pamper yourself at home, any time you want -day or night!

I get migraines and have found myself placing these on my forehead and temples - still works just as well! These are perfect for a pick me up, or a sick day. Even good for your kids if their allergies attack! My son gets hit by his allergies every now and then - and he ends up rubbing his eyes. I placed them on his eyes, and it helped soothe him enough that he was able to fall asleep. I love these Eye Candy Coolers, and these are highly recommended for everyone!

These won’t break your budget. They are super affordable at $10 per set. Pretty awesome!
I chose the pink one! 

And guess what? I have a set for you! Any color you choose!

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I will use to choose a random winner.

Comments are now closed. Winner will be notified by email. Thank you! Watch for more giveaways coming up!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I added a Social bar to my blog!

Now my followers and I can connect more often. I added a social bar to my blog, it will stay at the bottom of the screen. As long as you follow me via Google Friend Connect you can comment! In the social bar! In the future I plan on having comment contests, or chats where random people would win gift cards. So, start using it now, and keep an eye out for those!

TheraBreath review ... And Giveaway!

This Giveaway is now closed

You may not have heard of TheraBreath before. I know I haven’t. But, I figured I would give them a try.  According to their site and the information I received, their first product went on the market in 1994, and have been used by over 1million people world wide. But again, I have never heard of them, or even seen them in the stores - such as WalMart, where I frequently shop. Still, I decided to give it a try.

The product, TheraBreath, was created by Doctor Harold Katz. The products (tooth paste, mouthwash, lozenges) are made to help eliminate bad breath and dry mouth / unpleasant mouth taste.  They have refined the product dozens of times over the years, and have the product that we have today.

I received the toothpaste, mouthwash, and the lozenges. Let me just say, I do not have bad breath, but in the mornings I have dry mouth (thanks to allergy issues, most nights I sleep with my mouth open, and it dries out). So I wanted to try this. Let me say - regardless if you have bad breath or dry mouth or whatever mouth problems you may have, you should definitely try this. It is worth it. The toothpaste does not have a strong flavor like other brands such as Crest. You can taste a small hint of mint - but just a barely there mint.  It is really refreshing in the mornings, and perfect for night time - because who wants that overpowering minty feel in their mouth - at any time of the day?! Personally, I plan on buying this toothpaste - never going to another. It foams nicely, not too much, but enough that you know your cleaning your mouth (I like it when a toothpaste foams a bit). And is OK to swallow if you want to, as the areas that cause bad breath are not only in your mouth, but in the back of your throat. So if you swallow the toothpaste, your doing yourself a favor. I love this toothpaste. Its really worth it.

The mouthwash is just as nice as the toothpaste. Its not too minty, its alcohol free, and is just as refreshing. The lozenges are a refreshing little mint.  Not too strong, not overpowering like a peppermint that you would get after dinner at a restaurant. Its not overpowering, and is perfect for after meals that include foods that would typically give you bad breath (onions, garlic, etc). Its also great if you want to pop it in your mouth in the morning right before you roll over and give your sweetie the first kiss of the day. You can also offer it to a friend who’s breath offends, but you don’t want to offend them by saying “oh hey, your breath stinks. Try this.” Instead you can just pop one in your mouth, and offer to your friend. Hopefully they will accept. J LOL    

I love this product, and I plan on using for, well, forever. I love that its not an overpowering taste, and its got ingredients to help kill odor causing bacteria in your mouth. My mouth never feels dry after I use it (unlike with name brand toothpastes).

***Here is a special offer for you, my readers. I can offer one of you a full size tube of the tooth paste, as well as a full sized bottle of the mouthwash. Oh yea. Just for you!

All you gotta do is:

Mandatory entries:
No comments telling me why you want this… LOL I think we understand why.

+So instead, I want you to visit TheraBreaths Facebook page, like them and leave a comment saying “Jennifer Tyree at My Totally Random Life sent me!”     Leave me a comment here saying that you liked them and left a comment.

+If you have a Twitter, follow TheraBreath on Twitter, and send a tweet mentioning them - something like “ @TheraBreath - @jennifertyree from #mytotallyrandomlife sent me! I am entering the giveaway! “  Feel free to change it up - but be sure to mention them, me and the blog name.   Leave a comment here with the link to your tweet.

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Remember - leave a separate comment for each entry.

Thanks everyone!

Giveaway will run March 10 - March 16, 2011. Giveaway will end at Midnight Mountain/Arizona time (so 2am EST/11pm PST). Open to US residents 18+. Thanks!

This Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who participated. Winner will be selected and sent an email. 
Thank you! Check out my other giveaways! I have plenty lined up!

Travel tips for great family deals

Its coming to that time - everyone is starting to plan out their family vacations for the year. Everyone is looking out for that one really great deal. Some of you may be completely lost and have no idea what to do. For some of you, this may be your first "real" family vacation, and you have no idea where to start... Well, let me give you a few tips that I have found to work best.

  1. When it comes to finding flights - instead of using sites like and, try going directly to the site of the airlines you want to use. For example, is usually the cheapest in my experience. But it all depends on where your going. 
  2. Look for smaller, less-known airlines. Frontier for example, is a great one. They don't go all over the country, but they do cover quite a bit of land. Check them out at . They also have a pretty decent prices from what I have seen.
  3. If your planning on going to a popular destination, try going during their "off season". Or look to see when they say they are less busy. For example if going to an amusement park, if you can go during the week between 8am and 3pm - you would be going while most people are at work and/or school.  Less lines, less crowds. 
  4. To get discounts, join AAA - they have awesome discounts for flights, hotels, and travel destinations all over the place. I have AAA, and I can tell you from personal experience, its worth it. 
  5. When booking a flight, try to leave and go back home during the week - like on Tuesday or Wednesday. May feel weird to you, but its usually cheaper. The weekends are the most popular days for flights, so they are usually more expensive.
  6. If your travel destination is a very popular place, you may want to consider planning as early as you can. 6 months ahead of time if you can even. Purchase the tickets for the flight, book your room, plan (and possibly book) any tours or attractions that you would want to go and do while you are there. Start doing your research on your destination in advance, that way you will know what you would want to do when it comes time to plan. This is helpful especially for trips to places such as Disney World/Land, Universal Studios Florida, even for Cruises. 
  7. Try something local for a change. If your used to going out every year and doing something big, try staying home and exploring your home state. For me, I live in the Phoenix area of Arizona. I think it would be fun to do a road trip and visit Sedona, Arizona and then travel up to the Grand Canyon. It would be cheaper than a flight, and there is so much to see along the way. Look for the tourist attractions in your state or area, and see what may interest you. You may be surprised!
  8. Don't fly. Drive! If your planning on going a state or two over, why not just drive? It still may be cheaper than flying. And depending on how many drivers you have, you could get there pretty quickly. Plus all the sights along the way - would probably be beautiful. I understand if you have small children this may not be the option. But maybe it could be if you were to rent an RV to go?! The kids would probably think its cool, and you could take board games, video games, etc and keep them occupied. I once drove from Phoenix to Las Vegas. It was only 5 hours, but it was pretty, and fun. I saw things I would not have seen had I flown. I remember as a kid going from Ohio to Pennsylvania and Maryland to see family. Those were so much fun - and these things your kids will remember for years to come! 
  9. Do you have frequent flyer miles? Loyalty rewards for hotels you stay at often? Use them! Do you have credit card that offer these as rewards? If you don't already use these, you should consider using them/saving them/starting a program. They are worth it. If you find that you fly a certain airline every year, start earning air miles with them -  so what if you only use it once a year, in a few years you may have enough miles to pay for the flight for the entire family for most - if not all - of the way to a travel destination. That is a great reward!
  10. Save save save! Everyone starts saving for their vacation/trips a few weeks to a couple of months before. Why not start saving a year before? Start saving now for next years trip. It really helps relieve some of the last minute tension of saving and making sure you have enough spending money. If you start saving early enough, you may have an extra $1000 or more to spend on your vacation on frivolous things that you normally wouldn't enjoy, for lack of cash. 
One last tip - Find coupons for things at your destination. Whether its Las Vegas or Hawaii - theres coupons all over for restaurants, attractions, everything. When you check into your hotel, ask them if theres a coupon book, or an entertainment guide, or something like that. There may even be deals/coupons in the phone book in your hotel room!

Ok, well, I hope that helped you. This is what me and my husband use whenever we plan a trip - no matter how far or how close. These are only some of the suggestions. Ask your friends or family what their suggestions are, they may be more creative than this! 

If you have something to share - please do! Tell me what your money saving tips are for family vacations! I would love to hear!

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What makes me feel lucky?

With St. Patricks day around the corner, everyone it talking about Luck and being Lucky. So what makes you feel lucky?

Some things that make me feel lucky are my husband, my son, my blog and readers. Heres why!

My husband makes me feel like I am the luckiest girl in the whole world. He always does nice things for me like giving me a massage to help me fall asleep, and getting me the best cards on our anniversaries, my birthday or holidays - his always trumps mine! I feel so lucky to have him.

My son also makes me feel lucky. I feel like no one else gets to have a child like mine. So considerate, thoughtful, well mannered, empathetic - and hes only 6!!! I can't think of any other child I know who is like my son.

Other things that make me feel lucky include this blog! I get so many opportunities, and am starting to be able to share those opportunities with you - for example, giveaways! I recently held my first giveaway, and I already have more lined up! I am so excited, and feel super lucky that I get to do that. Not many bloggers get the chance to do what I do. I know I am not as well known as some others, but I am getting there. And I feel lucky to have the followers I have. Eventually I will have thousands of followers, and when I do, I will remember times like this where I only have 65 followers, and the comments you "regulars" leave me. Its really, truly appreciated.

So. Let me help you get lucky! Redbox is Lucky To Have Friends Like You wants to help YOU get Lucky! Well, at least until 3/17/2011.  They have this awesome promotion that allows you to create your own unique web address with them. And whever someone rents a movie from your unique address, you get a free movie rental credit! Those rental credits are good for 10 days after they have been deposited into your account. How many people do you know that likes to go to Redbox? Yea, quite a few huh. Me too. Imagine all the movies you can get!

So get on it, get lucky this St. Patricks day with free movies!

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and redbox blogging program, for a $25 Walmart gift card from redbox. For more information on how you can participate, click here.” 

A better way for you kids to learn math!

As many of my followers already know, my son has ADHD and Pervasive Development Disorder (an autism spectrum disorder). He also has some learning disabilities. Hes not on the same level as the kids in his age group/class.  I am trying to find things that can help him learn and succeed. Its all trial and error.

Well, I am a member of BzzAgent BzzAgent Badge - a great site where brands meet with the consumers, and asks us for our opinion on a variety of things. I have been lucky enough to receive many things here. Recently I joined the Factor Tree campaign. They say its a better way to learn math. Every kid learns differently, and on different levels. What sets Factor Tree apart is the fact that they do a preliminary test of sorts - that you let your kid do at home on the computer (you can help with the clicking/typing), and they design a plan for your kid. This is a great idea! It adapts as your child learns.

This is good for pre-K-6th Graders. So you can start early.

My son is 6. And is in 1st grade. He is struggling because of his disabilities. He took the test, and got right to work on 2 activities afterwards.  I can honestly say, that he really enjoys it, and is doing better in school. I will definitely be paying for the subscription after the trial is over. You have my word that it is worth it!

Heres some information on the Factor Tree.
What makes the Factor Tree so effective?

  • Provides the practive and repetition needed for a child to truly master key math skills
  • Use a skill-adaptive progression algorithm to pinpoint each child's true skill level
  • Provides parents with helpful reports, metrics and notifications to track their child's progress
  • Combines a state testing-compliant curriculum, world class educational theories, and innovated technology to create a better learning tool

You can visit to learn more about its distinct approach and sign up for a free trial! Use the code BZF to get a 2 week trial.

Check it out! What do you have to loose?

PS. This post was created as part of a campaign I am participating in. I received the product for free (for a trial) in return I spread the word and give my honest opinion. This post, is my honest opinion of the product.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why do I deserve a treadmill? Heres why!

I want a treadmill. I am excited to start working out more. I want a treadmill - and recently decided to start looking for affordable options. Its getting too hot in Arizona - the summer is fast approaching, and walking outside will not be easy to do for too much longer. 

Why do I deserve a treadmill? Well, let me tell you. I am a work at home mom. My butt is firmly planted in a chair, for most of the day. It hurts my back, and is probably not the best for anyone - regardless of their size and their need/want to exercise.  I live in Arizona. The summertime average is like 112 degrees. That’s hot. Way too hot for me to be outside. I have asthma, and I don’t do very much outside in the summer time - except maybe swimming. But that’s about it. I hate getting into the car, I hate opening the door just to get the paper or the mail - its like opening the oven and having your face in the way of the heat. It hurts its so hot! This is not a joke - some people wear gloves, even oven mitts, because their steering wheels and car door handles are so hot LOL. I want a treadmill because I am a work at home mom with asthma and a real desire to work out. Seeing that I am a big girl - overweight - plus size, whatever you feel like calling it right now - I hate to be seen working out. Its like a call for jokes. Honestly. And I can admit that I have been one to crack jokes at times at big people walking/working out. Knowing deep down inside, that it is wrong, and that I look exactly the same. I want to workout from the comfort of my own home - get down to a healthy weight, and then we can talk about going to a gym or walking - or hopefully one day Running! - down the road.   

We all know that fitness and eating healthy is good for everyone, not just those of us who need or want to loose weight. I am trying to make a good example for my son. With my husband gone for most of the day at work, I am the only one here. I can’t take my son walking with me - well, because he is 6 years old, and doesn’t wanna walk as far as I would need to for the walk to make a difference. He wouldn’t walk as fast as I would need or want to, and would complain and want to stop at the park. So what better way to stop all that and nip it in the bud than to have a treadmill at home, so he can play in his room, on the computer or watch TV while mommy takes her walk.

I deserve a treadmill because I feel like I have been handed the short straw in the draw of life. Besides being a bigger person, I also have medical issues (some of which I am sure is weight related), and life has just left me behind in the race of things. I think that if I had the treadmill, I would start working out more, feeling all around better - both medically and emotionally/physically, and would be setting a great example for my son. If I won this, it would be a step closer to grabbing that normal sized straw in life. 

Besides just walking or running - we need to be eating healthier. I have started to try to do that. I am not as healthy as I want to be in my eating. But its hard to get rid of old habits, and takes a little bit of time to get a new habit formed. I am starting to incorporate more fruits and veggies in our life, as well as trying to eat more of the food groups each day. I am trying to get away from too many frozen foods, and more towards fresh foods. We all should be doing this. Not only for ourselves, but for our kids too. They need us to show them how important it is to eat healthy every day. And that chicken nuggets from McDonalds does not count as healthy. 

Watch for more healthy posts from me as I am on my journey to loose the extra weight I carry.

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Mamavation Monday - Fitting it all in.

I have been out of it lately.. I have missed like 2 weeks worth of posts, and it kind of a coincident (?right word?) that I am coming back to blogging and doing my Mamavation posts with this topic. Fitting it all in. So lets start with that first.

This weeks blogging carnival question is : What are your strategies to fit everything into your busy life? Any areas you need to work on?" LOL let me answer that.

I have this awesome little agenda by MomAgenda (click, or see the button on right side of page if you wanna check them out). I have this portfolio of sorts. It is a giant - massive - sized portfolio, with a monthly calendar inside, as well as clear thingies (?) that I can put important papers in - whether its recipes, phone numbers, papers for my New job (yay), or whatever. They also have tabs on them, so you can see what they are without having to flip through them all, and at the back is a notepad. Its pretty awesome. The calendar can come out, as can the notepad, so you can refill it the next year (or when its out in the case of the notepad). I leave this massive agenda open on my desk (because my desk is huge), and whenever something comes up - I put it in there. If I want to remind myself of something, I write it in there on the date. Now, if I need a reminder of something for online, I tend to use my Google Calender, and have it send an email and a pop up reminder (Yes, I have this set up for Mamavation posts and the show), so that I never forget. I have a cool widget thing on my desktop that syncs with Google Calendar (thank you HP/Windows), so that way I can see all upcoming events on there. So, I have 2 ways to schedule myself, and to make sure that I don't forget. Also, lets add that I have a Blackberry that can remind me of everything as well (and syncs to my Google Calendar).

But even with all that, I still tend to forget. Maybe its the ADD in me, but I love me some post-its. I use them up so fast! I post them around my monitor, all over my desk, planner/agenda, wall calendar - Everywhere! I haven't bought them in a while, I don't think my husband likes seeing them. But I have discovered that a lot of ADD people use post-its too! Yay! So maybe I should invest in Post-It stock and get rich with the company. : )  In any case. I like to think that I am organized. But I do slip up. For example, the past 2 weeks -- well, OK. Its not like there was a lack of planning. But I switched Internet Service Providers and was having issues. By time everything was together and working properly, it was like Wednesday. I still could have posted, but decided not to. Than one weekend I was at the ER all night, and the last thing on my mind was a blog post. And I am STILL sick. But, am much better. Finally.  So I am back this week. And I can already tell, its gonna be a long one! (Hope your in it for the long haul with me!)

OH -the second part of the Question. Any areas you need to work on. I don't think I do. I have 2-3 main ways to keep updated and schedule everything in, and my Blackberry as a backup for really, really important things. I think its the ADD that makes me wants to use not only my agenda/planner, but also my wall calendar and my Blackberry. I am extra covered! Maybe my area of work should be picking one place to put it ALL. Maybe I can work on that. That way I am not so crazy in making sure everything is in all places. LOL

On to the next one.

I have been walking some. About a mile every few days - a few miles a week. I need good walking shoes - I want shoes from Earth Footwear, but the closest store to me that sells them are too far for me. :( I would like to try them on before I buy them. Also, since my sickness is affecting my asthma a lot, its hard for me to do much more. I am in the process of looking for a trailer for my bike, that way I can put my son in it, and just go for a few miles on my bike. Even go to the store on it. That would be fun. I do plan on working out with my EAS Active soon. My husband keeps reminding me we bought it so I can work out to it - but he doesn't have asthma. I know how far I can push it before I need to stop, and with me being sick the past few months (pneumonia is really a killer for people with asthma/breathing problems), and I have been unable to. I just feel like I am making excuses though. I really do want to do it. I don't feel motivated to do much of anything. I will admit it, I could be laying out on the couch, relaxing watching TV, and start thinking, well hey, I should work out... But then I don't.  I need that extra push, I am going to start looking for an affordable treadmill - it just gets too hot here in Arizona - and lately, its starting to get warm, summer is close. But here is where I announce that I plan on applying to be one of the next Mamavation Moms. I got the email that I can apply here soon (probably now, I have to go back and take a look), and I plan on entering. I missed the chance to enter on the last one, and I really think that if I have something like that - and a team like that rooting me on - helping me out, and coaching me, I will be able to do it.

In any case. I am trying to drink more water. My husband pointed out to me that I am drinking at least one 2-liter a day, and I know some days I have a 2 full 2-liters - granted one was Ginger Ale, and the other is Sprite. Both caffeine free, but still not good to have that much. My dirty little secret is the Dr. Pepper. Oh how I love it. And its a new love. I never liked it up till about a year or so ago. Its sooo good. Maybe its the caffeine. With me having ADD, when I have caffeine, it makes me go longer. It does to me the equivalent of what a Red Bull or Monster or Rockstar would do for you. Those high energy drinks puts me (and anyone else with ADHD) to sleep. It does absolutely nothing. But caffeine - especially Dr Pepper for me - does a lot. It wakes me up, energizes me, and tastes so good. I need to find a healthy equivalent. Any suggestions? Something affordable, and something non-addicting, non-habit forming. Something I can just have once or twice a day and feel energized... I am going to take more vitamins, would that do the trick as good? I have no clue. Hopefully some of you can give suggestions...

As part of my last Mamavation post, I said I was going to meditate before bed, and relax and try to have a good nights sleep. I have been doing that more. I tend to lay in bed, and have my palms facing up. I imagine a white light starting at my feet, and circling my body slowly, until all the craziness of the day is gone. It slowly works up my body, and makes it to my head. But by that time my mind is clear and I am sleeping. I don't think I have ever been awake long enough for me to envision it around my head LOL. So I guess thats working! I find that I am sleeping on my stomach more - but that hurts my back - A LOT. I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back, and the arch of sleeping on my stomach - with my upper back elevated higher than normal- really hurts me. I am trying to sleep on side or back only. I have been using a pillow like a teddy bear, hoping that it will get in my way when I am sleeping- but I cannot seem to stop. I am going to be searching to see what I can do to prevent moving to my stomach.

In other unrelated news........
I will be having 2 giveaways this week. I need to get the review and the post up. So come back and look for those. I will post on Twitter for you all, and if you are friends with me or follow my blog on Facebook then you will see it post there too. So keep an eye out. I will post it in the daytime so that way you will see it as soon as it goes up.

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OH!!!! BIG NEWS! I got hired for a work at home position for Uhaul. They are hiring all around the country - go to, at the bottom of the page, click careers, and put in WFH as the keyword, and your zip code. If there is a position there available by you, it would be listed - and WFH would be in the title of it. WFH= work from home. The pay is between $12-$14 (base+bonus). 25 hours a week. Temp till Sept - but could be hired on afterwards, based on need. So if your interested, check it out. And hey - say I referred you! Jennifer Tyree (if they ask). IDK if I get anything for that lol    I start my training (from home) on March 21. I am really excited for this.

Quick question to moms of boys.... Does your son get erections? My 6 year old is getting them - and I just don't know what to do. I know that boys get them at all ages. And as of now his sex organs are not developed - so I know its not a sexual response to anything, but still! What do I do!? What do I say!? It happens at all times of the day, and I have found him sitting on the couch, in his undies (sometimes we let him roam the house in undies), and has his hands in his underwear - think Al Bundy from Married With Children. LOL   Help!

Uhm, I think that is all. At least for now...

Oh, did I mention --- March 8 is my 3 year wedding anniversary! It is also Mardi Gras! : ) Oh yea!

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Probably the worst part of being mom to a boy!

I have no clue what to do! My son is 6 years old, and is getting erections! I know that this happens to babies, toddlers and young boys of every age, but what the hell do I say to him?! I notice he sits with his hands in his pants -- think Al Bundy from Married With Children.   I know its not a sexual response to anything - I am pretty sure that at 6 years old his sexual organs are not quite ready to do much of anything...

But what do I say? What do I tell him? How do I handle it when I notice that he is sitting there with his hands in his undies holding it (eww), or worse find him sitting on the couch with his thing out - and erect!? Help! Any other moms of boys out there who have gone through this, or is going through this, and know what to do?

I have seen articles / comments that say, don't freak out - just tell him to go in his room until it goes away, but then its like - wtf do I tell him the reason is for that!?

Aye yi yi. I want a girl. I think it would be much easier LOL



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