Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little ways to show happiness!

With Valentines day just passed us, I think we need to move on from sharing love, to sharing happiness. I think its easy to share love, with family and friends, but happiness - you don't have to be happy to say I love you. So many people are unhappy, whether its depression, or whether their life just isn't going the way they want it to go.

Sometimes, just a simple "Hello" or a smile at someone can make their day! I smile at just about everyone I pass, and if they smile back, I say Hello.  If we all did this, I think we would all be a bit friendlier, don't you think? Instead of walking through the store with the bluetooth in your ear, yapping to whoever is on the other end, make an effort to get off the phone while shopping - believe me, that spreads all kinds of happiness (or at least it makes me happy! LOL). Taking the time to help someone with their groceries if they look like they are struggling, helping out our elders, being courteous in the store - if we have a cart full of things, but the person behind us has one or two items, let them go ahead! These are simple ways to spread happiness to everyone around us.  I plan on doing all these things each and every day. Bring a little  bit of happiness to someones life. I know that I enjoy when these things are done for me. Don't you?

I feel that most of the time, we all want something for ourselves, me me me... What about others? What about those who are sick, struggling, sad, homeless? You can spread happiness by also donating your time to a hospital as a volunteer, or a food bank, or a homeless shelter. If your a woman, donate some clothes to a womens shelter, donate your kids clothes to a childrens shelter, and the same for mens clothes to a mens shelter. Think outside of donating to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Lets think of those in need, all the time, not just at holidays.

I want to remind you that we should be doing this all year long. Not just because of a holiday. Holidays should not be the only day that we decide to care about others. I think too many people are being taken for granted, do something for someone else.

Take the time to show you care about others.

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