Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes

Simple changes to make your life better in the New Year. That sounds good doesn’t it? Better than a resolution. Kind of like a goal. I am all about goals. If you are a subscriber to my blog (or Like me or my blog on Facebook or follow me on Twitter) you may have saw my post about my goals for 2011. This post is different. These are little changes that I can do to make my life better.  I have just joined the Sistahood over at Mamavation, and am excited to have this support group. And I think they would approve of some of these changes. I need to make these changes in order to make myself healthier, and in turn, my life would be better.
Eating healthy; I plan on eating healthier. No more snacking just because I am bored. No more eating when emotions get the best of me. If I do feel the need to snack at those times, I am going to make sure it’s healthy – like an apple, or an orange, or maybe celery or carrots. Something that would not make me feel bad later on for eating it when I was not feeling my best.
Riding my bike at least 2ce a week; I never really liked to exercise. I have asthma, so it literally hurts me to get too physical. But I have a bike. And my goal is to ride that bike at least 2ce a week. And not just down the road, but for a half hour or more each time. A bike is a good tool for exercise, and I want to set an example for my 6 year old. I plan on buying a trailer for the bike to put him in. He is not so good a rider, poor baby, fell off his bike (with training wheels) while he was going straight. What am I gonna do with him? LOL
Spend less time arguing/being mad; It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile right? So, I am going to try my best to avoid arguing with anyone. If something is really bothering me, I will walk away from that person/subject/issue, and relax, and come up with a good way to approach the person or situation. Then act like an adult. I am 24 years old now (25 in Aug 2011), and I should act like an adult more often. I cannot let little petty things get to me anymore.
Finding ways to relax more often; whether its yoga, or just meditation, I need to relax more often. This day and age everyone is so stressed out with bills, and jobs, and everything else. I need to be able to find time for me. And not just at night when I sleep. Anytime I start to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, I need to take 10 min and relax for myself. Every mom needs time to relax and rest and take time for themselves.

The main change I am making this year is my weight. I don’t have a set goal amount yet that I want to lose. But I know what size I want to be at, and I won’t stop until I get there. Wish me luck!
And good luck to all of you. Make those small changes in your life to be happy and stress free. Show your kids how to relax as well! As moms we need to set that example, and show them that it’s OK to get upset stressed out, but when you do, you should relax and calm down before reacting. That’s what I want to do for my son anyways.

Till next time :) 

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