Monday, January 17, 2011

Mamavation Monday

I am pledging into the Sistahood. For those who do not know.  The Mamavation Sistahood is a "virtual living sorority who are committed to learning healthy living slowly day by day. The purpose behind the Sistahood is support. Members support each other daily on twitter and commenting on each others posts on Monday." I didn't know that this existed. Sure, I have found websites that are "support groups", however, most charged a fee! So when I came across this during a twitter party, I was shocked, amazed, surprised and happy. Yea, I have my husband who is my support. But other women would be great to have as support! SO, I am taking up this offer.

I am pledging to become part of the Sistahood sorority.  :)

So, to pledge, one of the things I have to do is create a Mamavation Monday post on my blog, and let the world know my weekly success (or failures) and challenges. I am so far from perfect, I love that they are not looking for that!

This past week, has been a challenge. Ive been feeling really tired lately. I have made some healthy meals, but also had some pizza and junk food this past week. I know, not good - but yummy. I have a mission - to find healthy snack foods! I do love rice cakes, are they considered healthy? I love them. I think most of our dinners are healthy, but we could cut out the hamburger helpers. But I need to find somethings that are easy to throw together, like the Hamburger helpers are.

This next week, my goal is to find healthy snacks that we can enjoy, that still taste really good. I also want to try not to eat when bored (thats a bad thing, I know. I'm gonna try to stop that).

How can I contribute to the Sistahood? How am I going to support the rest of the Sistas? By showing the support that I would love to have in return. If I cannot support them, then why should the support me? So I plan on giving words of encouragement, and helping those who may feel down. As well as giving congrats to those who do well and reach a goal. I will support others as I wish to be supported. Kind of a good rule, huh?

Wish me luck all!  I will keep everyone posted.


  1. Awesome to have another Pledge!

    Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have days that we wish we could take back and do over, but just remember that tomorrow is another day!

    You should check out They have a lot of low calorie meals that are good AND quick to make.

  2. You're just starting out, so you can't expect to be perfect! Just by pledging you are already making a great change in your life! If you don't have a crock pot, I highly suggest getting one. It's a great way to put together healthy meals without a lot of work. Crock pots aren't just for stew and soup. You can make so many dishes in them.

    I wish you the best of luck and I can't wait to see how you do this week!

  3. YEA!!! YOU POSTED! :-)

    You're taking a GINORMOUS step by pledging and wanting to be a Sista'. Seriously, you will get a lot of great help from all of us - including food and recipes.

    I'm going to second Angela and suggest a crock pot. I use mine usually twice a week. You don't have to worry about the sodium that you see in the Hamburger Helper and it is a "set it and forget it." Plus, you know everything that goes in it. Awesome.

    Hope to see you around soon!! YEA!

  4. Welcome, welcome! Baby steps are the best way to make changes. Like Angela said, a crockpot is the best way to make healthy meals that are as easy as Hamburger Helper. Do you have a pedometer? That's a great way to measure how much movement you're getting in. As Moms, it's so difficult to "find time" to exercise. If you use your pedometer you can slowly aim for more steps using your every day life. Also, how much water are you drinking? It's an inexpensive way to cleanse our bodies. Again, welcome! I hope you love it here!

  5. Thank you guys! I do have a small crockpot, and I have made pot roast and a few other recipes. I actually have a crockpot recipe book LOL. Just not sure which ones are healthy and which aren't. LOL.

    I know I need to drink more water. i really am trying! AZ Tap water tastes nasty, so I get gallons of spring water from the store. I should drink it more, but I love my caffeine! LOL I am planning on trying to drink more water. Is Iced Tea acceptable? Or hot tea? Sorry - cannot cut out all sugar! LOL

  6. Welcome to the sistahood. I hope you find everything you need here. If not, I will be happy to help. @elenka29

  7. WELCOME!!! I look forward to getting to know you as we travel this journey together! the best part of the Sistahood is that there is ALWAYS someone there to offer advice, give kudos, or even help you through a difficult time! you've taken a BIG step here and I'm proud of you for that!!! From here on, baby steps are the way to go! little changes make a BIG difference :) If I can ever help, please don't hesitate to let me know!

  8. Yay! Welcome to the sistahood. Tweet me any time (@MrsFatass).


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