Monday, January 24, 2011

Mamavation Monday 1/24/2011

OK. So this is my 2nd Mamavation Monday. But my first as an actual Sista J Exciting!
OK. So last week I really only worked out once. I bought the EA Sports Active 2, and got my butt handed to me. LOL.  I posted my info from that workout in its own blog post, but let me re-cap for those who didn’t see it: I signed myself up for the 9 week challenge. The first workout was on Thursday 1/20/11. I did it at 11pm LOL. Total work out time was 24.20min (not bad imo), 100% completion, burned 199.4 calories, average heart rate was 149 – and I’m proud to say I didn’t die!  
Also, I have started walking my son to school. It’s a half mile one way, so total for the day I will be walking 2 miles a day. I set up an account on Daily mile, and will be posting updates on my Facebook and my Twitter as I go. So weekly, I should be walking about 10 miles (less if my husband wants to get my son from school – like on Thursday they have a date to go to the park after school, I may stay home and do my work out while they are at the park.  I walked a total of about 3 miles on Friday the 21st.  
I would love to post my starting measurements (OK, maybe not LOVE), but I don’t have a measuring tape. Nor do I have a scale, but will be buying one soon. I also need to buy walking shoes – any suggestions? I was thinking Reebok Easy Tone, def not the sketcher shapeups, I have not heard too many good things with those – one of which saying that bigger people do not benefit too much from those. The shoes I get need to be somewhat affordable. Ok - a lot affordable LOL.
My goals for this week here will be to work out the 4 days that I agreed to with my PS3 LOL. To avoid snacking when I am bored – when I get the urge to munch, I will drink a big glass of water. I need to up my intake of water, and I know that. But can I have caffeine free pop? I really do love pop. And Dr. Pepper – oh how I love you. My weakness!! LOL.  Is one small glass of pop a day OK? I can’t just stop doing all my bad habbits at once, I have to ease into them, right? I don’t think cutting it out cold turkey is really that easy, is it? Questions, questions…  I will find out the answers to all my questions eventually. As I go on I will gain more information.

Alright, so now on to the question for the week…
How am I getting more fiber into my diet this New Year? Wow. Well, I plan on eating more foods that have it. But I don’t know how much fiber I need. So that would be good to know. For all I know I may be getting enough. But, I have been wanting to try those fiber one bars – I like the commercial where the guy is outside and the girl is like what am I thinking? That’s right, Nothing! LOL Love it. Those look tasty too! I actually have a coupon ( I think ) sitting around here somewhere. I definitely want to try it.  That’s my goal at least for right now. As I go on I am sure I will find more delicious foods with fiber in them too!

Alright. I think I should go for now – my son is asking to play a game. See you tonight at Mamavation Tv- my first one! J

I’m writing this post as an entry to a blogging carnival sponsored by Fiber Plus. I will be receiving free product in return.


  1. Welcome to another week and congrats on your 2nd.. 1st post.

    I love my EASactive2 and am glad to hear your are getting good use out of yours. I love the variety it adds to my workouts. Glad to hear you are walking, just added movement will be so good.

    I hope you have another fabulous week! Keep up the motivation.

  2. I loved reading this! Keep up the good work :)

    I personally like to add Fibre by eating whol grain pasta instead of white ... but I also love those yummy Fibre 1 bars.

    Oh man, now I wish I had one

    -Lauren from ChickAdvisor

  3. Great job on starting the workouts! Good luck to you!
    New follower from double duty divas - would love a followback!

  4. Glad I found you on Mom Bloggers. You have a great blog. Really well designed. Hope you will visit my blog and like it enough to follow:

    Happy weekend, Paula


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