Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have you been on this diet?!

SO, today was one of those horrible days that you never want to happen… I was babysitting my nephews today, and out of no where, I start feeling sick to my stomach. Yay. Perfect, exactly what I need.  I get this every time that I don’t sleep long enough at night. Last night I only slept about 5 hours. So I kinda knew to expect this. But I took my nausea med and prilosec this morning, so I was crossing my fingers and praying that I would not have to deal with it… But of course it doesn’t like me and decided to go crazy! Thank God Chris didn’t have to leave here till like 330pm – which was after the boys left. I was able to throw up as needed, and run to the bathroom when needed, and did not have to worry about the boys (my nephews, I watch them on Tues and Thurs).
I am hopefully gonna get a part time position. That would be great. I think it was Mon-Thurs for 4 hours during the day. That would be nice if I get it. I can get outta the house a bit. Make some new friends. Thats my main issue here in Arizona - you cannot seem to keep friends. They only look out for themselves. I miss my friends back home, they aint sheisty, they aint shady or looking what they can get for themselves. They genuinely care for you. Woah is me, right?
In other news. I am on the best diet there is. The "I'm so nauseas that I cannot keep anything down" diet. I hope Ive lost a few pounds LOL. My luck, probably not.
So on that note, I am outie. I need to go relax and get my tummy back to normal. Talk tomorrow.

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