Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve.

I just wanted to stop by and tell everyone that Christmas is officially upon us. Time to spend with family, and eat lots of goodies!!! Time for kids to wake up and see all the presents from Santa. The night parents stay up a little bit later to make sure the kids are really sleeping before leaving presents out. I think this year, Santa and Mrs. Clause would want some wine and cheese instead of cookies and milk.

Its another time of year to be extra Thankful. Remembering that Christmas is not all about material things. Spending time with those who care for you and those who love you is what is most important.  Even though for some that may be hard to see, this is what its about.

So go and spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. Take time away from Facebook, Twitter and yes, even your blog and spend time with your loved ones. Facebook, Twitter and your blog will still be there tomorrow when all the holiday chaos is over.

I plan on posting a few pictures from Christmas either late Christmas night, or the day after.

And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy any other Holiday not mentioned.  Hope all is good for you and yours.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goals for the new year

Every year I tend to try to have a resolution... Well, not this year. I don't want to make a resolution. I want to make a goal. A goal, I feel, is more attainable, more realistic than a resolution. A resolution feels too concrete, and over the course of a year, those sights could be lost. Things change. Plans change. Lives change.

For the 2011 year, my goals are:

Blog goals:

  1. Give my blog a bigger presence. I would like to have a bigger audience. Maybe even host some giveaways. Maybe host my own giveaway. In any case, I want to reach out to more people.
  2. Allow advertisements on my blog. I have not let anyone post an advertisement on my blog. I have however, placed my own affiliate links/ads up on my blog. I would like to expand my options. I have heard from other bloggers out there that this is a great way to generate revenue on the blog. So I would like to explore this option to see if it gets me anywhere. To expand on that one, we come to my next goal.
  3. To see where my blog can take me financially. I hear about other bloggers who are able to earn enough money to not have to have another job. I would like to see how true that is. As of right now, as I am typing this blog, I have 42 followers on Google Friend Connect. And a little more than that subscribed to my feed. I want to see that number go higher. I have a goal, somehow, someway, I plan on getting at least 500 more this year. We will check back in next year to see if it really happened.  
Now, onto my personal goals.

  1. To continue with school and keep passing all my tests! I am so excited that I am doing so well so far in school. So far I have passed every test. I plan on continuing that and to keep pushing forward.
  2. Since my schooling is online – I want to complete 2 semesters this year. If I complete more that would be great! 
I am really hoping that 2011 will bring not only me and my family a great year, but everyone. It's time that everyone gets back on track.

I also want to make note, that if you would like to lessen the burden on yourself, and feel like you need help – please feel free to contact me. I am in school for my A.O.S. in Accounting. While yes, I am only in Intro to Business, I also am good with numbers. If you would like for me to help you keep track of your expenses, please feel free to contact me, and let's work something out. I help you, you help me. I help you keep track of your money coming in, as well as what you have to pay, when you have to pay it, and in return I get some experience and hopefully a reference.

All in all, I look forward to a good new year, and new possibilities – in all aspects of my life.

Ok – off to watch Christmas movies with my little guy. 


Thursday, December 16, 2010

My blog is in transition!

I have just bought my domain name of and as it is being switched over, some things may look weird on my blog. I want to apologize in advance, and ask that you bear with me for the next 3 or so days.

Thank you !

A great way to donate to your favorite causes!

There is this really great site called GiveBack. Its really easy to sign up, and they give you $5 to start for your favorite charity/organization. It can be local, or global. This site is great because you can make a donation using your credit card and you will receive a tax deduction.  You can also shop at one (or more) of their 400+ retailers and earn charitable dollars for your charity/organization.

Its free to make the account, and super easy! I made the account in under 3 minutes. I type really fast, so that may not be that fast for everyone, but pretty close actually. They do not ask for your credit card or any information like that.

Another great thing about GiveBack is that it helps you keep track of all the donations you make throughout the year, so all you have to do at tax time is print out what you gave and to who. They create that for you!

For my GiveBack account, I chose the Arizona Zoological Society, and Steve Nash's Campaign for Educare Arizona. I chose the Arizona Zoological Society because it is a great zoo. I know that some people here in the Phoenix area do not like the zoo because sometimes they cannot see some animals. That is because the Phoenix Zoo is a Conservatory first and foremost. And the animals natural environment is first and more important. Which is great in my opinion. The animals should come first. And I chose Educare Arizona because my son is a child in the Arizona school system and it would be great to support the schools and the teachers in my community.

So, go sign up! Ive posted the link here enough, here it is again! GiveBack

Comment and let me know if you signed up and what charity/organization you chose!

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Aspirations and plans for new possibilities in my life!

I have big plans for my future. I know that the best way to provide a better life for my family is by going to school. So, after years of trying to make up my mind, I have decided. I am going to school for Accounting. I am getting my Associates degree and plan on Graduating by the end of 2012. Its an online school, which allows me to be home with my son while my husband works. I have been out of high school for 6 1/2 years now. And have struggled with the idea of going to a traditional college - where I would actually go to classes. I found it would be easier for me, if I could do it all from home. So I did my research and decided to go with Ashworth College. They are an online high school and college, and have lots to offer. I can even go for my Bachelors in Accounting if I would like to. The monthly tuition is affordable - with this economy, I need to make sure that whatever I am doing that its affordable for us. And $52 a month works for us.

My son is 6 years old (and just lost his first tooth!), and he sees that mommy is doing homework too, and the first time that I told him, he got a really big smile like Wow! Mommy does homework too! I feel proud. I know that with this degree I can make a good living, and my plan is to eventually own my own business.

When I do open my own business, I plan on being able to go to my clients, so that way they won't always have to come to my office. I think that would really help a lot of people - businesses and individuals alike. In high school, I was good with numbers, I understood math, and usually flew through it. It just makes sense for me to do this.

After I graduate, I will either go back for my Associates in Business, or maybe my Bachelors in Accounting. My goal is to show my son that you can do anything you want to, if you work hard enough and you keep your eye on that prize.

I find that I get distracted a lot from school work. Either by the computer, my blog, or my phone and even the TV, but I am scheduling specific times that I need to be doing school. If something is on that I want to watch, I can record it on the DVR. And the internet and my blog will be there when I come back. So that is helping me a lot.

I look forward to my future. I can see it becoming a family business. My sister is also going to school for accounting.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Americas Most Amazingly Energized Woman

 I nominate my mom for this title! Here is what I wrote. 
"By keeping a positive attitude and outlook on life. Even though times may be hard, she knows that she has family and friends that is there for her. She has degenerative disk disease in her lower back, and has already had 2 surgeries on it. She still keeps a fast pace at her job - which is a customer service supervisor at Wal-Mart. Her job does not just let her sit down and be still. She has to constantly move, walk, and sometimes run. As well as deal with stressful situations. She is an inspiration to her co-workers, as well as her daughters. Her motto is not to act your age, but to act how you feel. Which is what lets her work harder - she feels younger than she really is. She is truly Americas Most Amazingly Energized Woman."

The makers of Centrum multivitamins and Molly Shannon are in search of Americas Most Amazingly Energized Woman. Visit LoveFeelingHealthy.Com to nominate yourself or someone special in your life. Tell them your (or their) secret to maintaining a healthy energy level so that you (or they) can enjoy the great things that the holiday season brings: friends, family, time, giving gifts, hosting parties and so much more!

Nominations are being accepted only until January 3, 2011 (12pm EST). Contest is open to US residents only.
Five finalists will be selected and then from January 17-31, 2011, the public can cast their votes for who should win "Americas Most Amazingly Energized Woman"!

The Grand prize winner will receive: $3,000 XPERIENCE DAYS gift certificate. 
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XPERIENCE DAYS offers thousands of unique gift experiences nationwide.

After submitting your entry, you can download and print a $3 off coupon for Centrum mens or womens vitamins. 

Good luck to all who enter! 
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

So I have some news...

For those of you who are not friends of my facebook, I have been an accident. I am OK other than a cracked bone in my elbow, I hit my knees on the dashboard, and my forehead on the air bag. The car was totaled. And I was the only one in the car. There is a picture on my facebook of the car. In the picture however it doesn't look like the car. It was a stratus but after the accident, that's not what you see.

I am using voice recognition software on my computer so that way I can and still update my facebook and update my blog. I can't really use my left hand so the speech recognition software is definitely helpful. I was thinking of buying the software called dragon, but then I remembered that computers often have speech recognition already on it, so I decided to look at it and see what it was and then I'd realize that it was the same thing as a software that people buy. So, I will use this for now but I will be making their many updates until I am healed and can use my hand again.

So if you would like to stay up to date on my progress, feel free to go to my facebook page by clicking on the widget to the right. Make sure you go to my personal page.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

Jennifer Tyree.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Box of chocolates

I give boxes of chocolates to the people who I cannot seem to find a present for on the holidays. Chocolates makes everyone feel good. most recently I have given them to my in laws, and probably will again! They are hard (in my opinion) to shop for!  Chocolate seems to make you happy when your not, picks you up when you need it. Its an all around favorite comfort food.

Its the perfect gift, for moms, teachers, husbands, wives, even your kids! Everyone loves chocolates, and no one can resist them!

As you know, Hershey's has the best chocolate, and they have the best gift ideas for Christmas! You can check them out by going HERE!

With the holidays coming theres going to be lots of shopping, organizing, and running around like a chicken with their head cut off! Its going to be hectic already, so make it a little easier on yourself! Put Hershey's in their stockings! Christmas is the biggest chocolate gifting season!

So, tell me what your going to do for those who you find it hard to shop for?

I am entering a contest for Hershey's Pot of Gold prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club!


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