Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free MomAgenda Giveaway!

I found this giveaway on another blog, and just wanted to share with you guys...
If you are in need of a new Agenda that caters to us moms, then you may want to head over to One Savvy Mom and check out her giveaway.

I totally want the Zebra one!

She not only has this to giveaway, but a lot more!

Click HERE for the giveaway for the MomAgenda...
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: Hitachi Magic Wand

 Alright. How many of you know what a Hitachi Magic Wand is? (Looks over crowd.) Seems about half of you know. OK. So, how many think its just a sex toy?  Ah-ha. You are wrong my friends! Granted, yes, you can buy them in the sex toy store (I bought mine at Fascinations). And paid a total of $71.03. You may be thinking, Oh...My...God! Thats a lot. Yes, I know. I lower my head in shame. But, I have heard a lot about it, and so I figured I would give it a try...   ((sad part is, I just went to the Hitachi website, and its only $40! Grrr))

 Well, it appears that maybe the design hasn't been updated in a long time. There are only 2 colors to choose from; mostly white with either red or blue. I chose blue. I would much rather have a pink sparkly one, but I chose blue. I mean honestly, if I am gonna pay a crazy ridiculous amount, it better have some good color choices. But, oh well. Its probably a little over a foot long (I do not have my ruler nearby, I cannot tell you).
 The box has 2 pictures of women - who I swear instantly make me think of the Olivia Newton John video for Lets Get Physical LOL.  Its very slim - I expected it to be thicker than it is, so that was a pleasant surprise. The cord is plenty long to plug into the wall next to my bed, and then reach halfway across my king size bed LOL. So its pretty long.

 The instruction booklet that comes with it, is pretty out of date. In my opinion, it should be updated to offer warnings towards sexual use -not just massing body parts such as back, legs, feet, etc.
 At first, I feel intimidated, that thing just goes! Its crazy. But I try it on my body first. I had my husband use it on my back, my legs, and it felt good. However, my back started itching. I don't think it was an allergic reaction, but it was an uncomfortable itch! I want to say maybe it was from the vibrations. I have never used a product like that before, so lets just chalk it up to that.
 Its very powerful, even on low. Its insane! I spent the first 5 min of "personal" use just laughing. I couldn't help it. It was just insane. I bought the Hitachi Magic Wand because the battery operated toys just aren't cutting it any more. Granted, yes, I can achieve my goal with the battery operated toys, it just takes forever (I could be over exaggerating, but still, to me it feels like forever). Using this took approximately half the time. Which was great for me, it meant I could get to bed earlier! Only "downfall" (and this is according to my husband) is that I needed to recover longer than usual afterwards, before we could enjoy each other. But, it felt great. I think because there was so many vibrations, it helped me feel better "with" my husband. LOL. It felt great tho.

 Last night I tried to use it on high, and I couldn't, it was just too much stimulation for me. LOL. Eventually I will be able to.

All in all, I like it. I do not plan on using it all the time - as I know it will desensitize you. I am going to try to do the best I can to not get desensitized.

I encourage you to give it a try. If not for sex, than for personal massaging.
Oh-if you do use it for sexual pleasure, they make attachments!!!!

You can go to Hitachi's website by clicking HERE for more information or to purchase directly from them.

SO, I do not know where you live, but if you live in the Phoenix, Tucson (Arizona), or Denver (Colorado), you can check out Fascinations. Nationwide you can go HERE  to buy from Fascinations (the Hitachi is currently on sale on the site).

Or, if you want to help a girl out-  go  HERE, click for the 15% off discount (around the middle of the page), and then go look at the store. Search for HITACHI.   (FYI- Fascinations site and mine are the same, I just give you an additional 15% off :D )

Thanks for taking the time!

Pet Peeves..

I have a long list of these actually... And to tell the truth, some of these things shouldn't bother me. But they do.

Heres a few....

Chewing with your mouth open. Its never necessary.
Slurping. I don't care if its spaghetti noodles, a Popsicle, or your drink. There is no reason for it.
Cracking knuckles or neck. Just sounds gross.

Ok - I said a few, and a few is three.

I am going to take a picture for my next pet peeve - and will post it later today. Its stupid, yet funny. But its gotta be noted!

Till next time..


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another day..

SO yesterday, my husband and I picked Eric up from school, and we decided we wanted to talk to the teacher, because when he comes home, we ask, "What did you do in school today?" or "Do you have homework?" and the only answer we get is, "I don't know"..... Seriously? You were there! I wouldn't care if he said that once in a while, but he says he doesn't know ALL THE TIME! So, I wanted to see if its possible to get something at the end of the day saying what went on in class that day, what they learned or went over, and also what the homework was... Soon as we walk in there (we were a few min late, on purpose), she says, "He doesn't pay attention. He doesn't do work. He just sits there. Only way he will do work is if I am there with him helping him." I knew it! He did this last year in Kindergarten. He is in 1st grade, and thats not gonna fly. He has to do work. He has an IEP and he receives special services (speech, etc), and the teacher plans on talking to those providers to see what they can come up with. I think he needs to be in a smaller class, or have an aid in class with him.. He needs one on one time. I do not want him falling behind and not being able to pass 1st grade because of this. I love his teacher, she is trying to cater to his needs the best she can, which is awesome - a lot of teachers wont do this, so I wonder if she has personal experience with special needs children. 

Eric just.... Ugh, I don't even know how to explain it. I just want him to do well, and I do not want him to fall behind and get left behind... So, hopefully, we can figure something out to help him stay in the class, and get him to actually do his work and not just sit and stare into space...... I wonder if I acted like this in school? Hmmm.. Maybe I should talk to my mom and find out. 

Anyways.. Moving on... 

I went to Urgent Care yesterday. I have been sick, and my tummy just wasn't settling down.. So while I was there I told her about the pain in the back of my calf... She asked how long, when, etc - normal questions doctors ask... She wanted to check to make sure it wasn't a blood clot. So I had to go get an ultrasound done, no blood clot. So, maybe the pain is just in the muscle? Who knows. I gotta make an appointment with my doctor to follow up...

Back to Eric. My mind is always racing back to him... Does anyone have any suggestions? He has ADHD, and takes Adderoll in the morning, keeps him calm and supposed to help him focus.. And then at 5pm he takes Tenex and another one that I swear I cannot spell (mirtazapine?) idk.. Helps him calm down and relax and go to bed... He doesn't get enough sleep at night, no matter how early he may go to bed, he is always tired in the morning... I don't know if its the meds, or if hes having nightmares (or night terrors)... I don't know...  
What can I do to help him focus? What can I do to help him do well in school? Also, a lot of the times he doesn't want to do his homework... I'm just confused as to what to do....

I feel like I am at a loss here... 

Any thoughts? Comments?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Name 5 words that rhyme with your name.

Uhm... Jennifer: All I can think of is Bennifer haha... Too bad my husbands name isn't Ben :D Using Jenny: Benny, Lenny, Penny, Freddy, Denny's.. LOL.. Ok, I think I am bad at this game... How about yours? If your not reading this on my blog, you should be! Check it out and answer this question with your name... http://jennifertyree.blogspot.com

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Affiliates, Gpt

I have a few that I do (or at least am signed up for)... So for now, here is what I have, with my opinion about each one too...
User Beware -- always take caution when signing up for new sites. Remember that, for any site you ever come across.

**Mr Rebates**   

Highly Recommended

With Mr. Rebates, you get cash back when you shop online. You also receive coupons that are only for members of the site. Its great. I highly recommend this.

Mr. Rebates
Mr. Rebates

**Procard International** 

Not for everyone.

From what I understand on this one, you get discounts on medical services. If you are uninsured, this may be for you. Or if you  have insurance coverage, and its a little pricey, then just check this out -- it may be something to help you with the costs of medical expenses.

If you are looking for a business, you can start this for free -just requires a sign up from yourself, or from someone else. Otherwise you can pay to start and receive all starting materials.  Either way, I suggest you check it out.. 

Note -- I have not made money on this, but I have NOT taken the time needed in order to make it work for me. If you have the time, and you feel you can do this, go for it. Leave a comment with your success story if you have one!

Tired of Work At Home Scams?

**EZ Laptop** 
Not for everyone / Low rating. Take Precaution.

This site is pretty simple. You sign up and read emails that are sent to the inbox on the site for credits. The credits are towards a new laptop... 

Pro - simple, easy, and not hard to do.
Con - doesn't state right away, that when you withdraw the credits, you will not receive a laptop, but get an entry to a drawing for a laptop. 
If you are a gambler, or think lady luck is on your side, by all means, go for it. 

Who’s the last person u yelled at?

LOL I think it was someone during rush hour. Sorry. There is no reason why we are in a stand still then a few miles up its completely clear?! Do we not understand the meaning of MERGE? Ok, I'm relaxed now.. I will probably do a entire blog post on it later... Feel free to check my blog (http://jennifertyree.blogspot.com)

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've been thinking....

I've been thinking lately about getting started working out. I want to loose weight that I have gained over the past 6 years. First from getting pregnant and having a c-section, and then just from not eating very well these past years. Lots of fast food, going out to eat. And just overall not paying attention to what I am eating and how healthy it is.  So, I want to make a change. Yes, I am a big girl, I love my curves, just would like to get rid of the belly, and maybe some of my thighs lol.  I would like to be able to buy a smaller size clothing.  I would also like to not have to go to Lane Bryant to buy bras - while I love Lane Bryant (when they have really food sales), they are expensive. I cannot afford to pay $30+ for one bra anymore...

So, I want to make a change. I want to loose weight. I want to be healthier. I want to get down a few sizes. I want to set a good example for my son. And maybe if I start eating healthier, and start loosing some pounds, I'm hoping it will help me get pregnant. I wanna make the change that needs to be made...

Now, how do I do that on a budget? How do I get a proper support system in place? Yes, I have my husband who - by the way, is not pushing me to do anything I don't want to do, but is supporting me in every decision I make. I also have my mom and probably some other family members. But what else is there? I would love to maybe meet once a week with some other moms (or plus size women like myself)  for a walk in a park, or maybe a few walks around the track field here at the high school by my house. But where do I find these women?

How, when I am struggling to pay bills right now, can I afford to pay for a gym or a place like Curves? How can I buy healthy foods when its sooo expensive, and cheaper to buy the stuff thats bad for you? How can the grocery and food industries tell you that eating "green" and eating local or organic is better for you, yet the price is absolutely ridiculous!   How can I make healthy dinners when my 6yr old doesn't wanna eat it? How can I make a healthy dinner when I work 8hrs a day and am tired and hurting by the end of the work day? How can I decide to walk, when I am currently having problems with my feet and (per doctors orders) should rest them after work?

I know it all sounds like excuses, but thats what I am faced with.
Any thoughts, suggestions? Anyone in my area wanna share the task, be "buddies" LOL. Support each other? Is there a network out there for people to support each other?

Comment! Let me know! Lets discuss.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

What would you do if your parents split up? =O

Well, I have a complicated answer.... Just because someone loves someone at one point, does not necessarily mean they will love them forever. Things change, feelings change. Not everyone is lucky enough to be in love with the same person forever. My mom and my biological dad were never married. And weren't together after I was born (if they was, it was for a short time - as I do not remember them together lol). My mom met someone else, and married him, and he became my step dad. Well, now they are separated. They may or may not get back together. Its their choice. I'm OK either way. I just want my mom to be happy. So if she chooses to decide to stay with him, then fine. I support her. What kids of all ages need to realize - its never your fault if your parents decide to separate. There is nothing you could have done or said to keep them together. You should support their decision, its what they have decided is best for them and you.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"If the sun burned out, what do u think wud happen to earth?"

If the sun burned out - well, it wouldn't just burn out. It would explode. Its a star, just like any other star. If the sun exploded, we would be screwed!!! It would burn us up. Then afterwards, IF anything survives (which I doubt), it will be cold. Really, really cold. Do some searching on articles by scientists, or watch some of the shows on Science or History channel. Its very eye opening. I love space, and everything about it, so I tend to watch these shows often.

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What’s the best Christmas present u ever got?

Hmm... Its not about me anymore.. I have a son, so its all about him. I love seeing him get his presents. I am just as excited as him when he gets them opened.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What event in history would you like to travel back in time to experience?

America winning its Independence. That would have been something to see in person.

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What’s ur fav oldies song?

B-52s Love Shack. The best song ever!!!

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How many t shirts do u think u own?

I don't know. I own t-shirts, dress shirts and tank tops, and spaghetti straps...

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What do you think of chick skateboarders?

Its a personal thing. I cannot skateboard, but if you can, great. Quite frankly, it doesn't bother or concern me either way. What I cannot stand however, is when girls try to act like a tomboy just to get in with the guys.. If the guy doesn't give you the time of day any other time, and he only seems to notice you when your tomboy like, then hes not worth the time.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

How often do u go to the movie theatre?

As a mom of a 6 yr old, it's hard to... I don't have a babysitter readily available so we go when we can.. Probably once every few months.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Do u believe in God?

Thats a hard question for me to answer.... I am conflicted. I believe there has to be a higher power, otherwise, this is all kind of pointless. But again, am conflicted. I believe in science. I hate saying "I need to see it to believe it", but its true at times... There is proof of the big bang theory, there is proof of dinosaurs. However, there really isn't any proof of anything that happened in the Bible. So, how can I believe in something/someone, when there is no proof of their existing? In my opinion, the Bible is a series of stories, and it is not mean to be taken word for word, but for you to take and get the meaning from. After all, the Bible cannot possibly be correct, being hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years old, and literally just stories passed down from generation to generation, and eventually the stories get twisted, and not 100% accurate. The stories are not meant to be taken Literally, but are meant for you to read, and get the general idea, and to interpret into your life and make the right decisions and choices. I do not discriminate or try to disprove or judge others and their beliefs because everyone believes in something different. We should feel free to choose to believe what we want to believe in, and not fear judgement from others. I would never push any religion or belief onto anyone, and in return I hope others respect my choices and do not push their religions or beliefs upon me. So far, it has been worth it. I tell people what I feel, and they understand... You should never fear being persecuted because of what you believe in.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

What’s ur fav movie?

my fav movie is the notebook.. Great love story... Also, I really like the movie a little princess. Super cute.

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