Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometimes you win... Sometimes your... Screwed?

I need to get this off my chest once and for all. I need to let the past be the past. I need to move on. Its holding me back, and I cant keep sitting here thinking of this all the time...
So, GET OFF MY CHEST! Get outta my mind. Get out of my heart...
Im tired. Im tired of thinking how you screwed me over! This past year has been hard on us, and we accepted it because YOU said you would help us. You said it would help us... Why did I think it would work? Yea, maybe for a little, but for this long? I must have been trippin. I must have been smoking or drinking something.

I hurt. I hope you know that. I hope you realize what you did. I hope it bites you in the ass - although I think it may have already seeing as where you live now.  But you know what? Im OK. Im pissed, and irked, and annoyed, and have all kinds of hatred for you... But you know what? At least I have a family who cares. At least my family doenst treat me like their house maid like yours does to you. At least I have a husband I can come home to. At least I have a child who loves me.  I have my own place. I have the things I need (for the most part)... I have privacy. You cant say the same. Because your a childish person who thinks that her shit dont stink. Sorry to let you down girlie - we all shit from the same place, and everyones smells the same. Get over yourself. You think your better than everyone else. You sit there and talk about people behind their backs - you are not WOMAN enough to say it to their face. You talked about that girl, who lives in Arkansas, who was your friend, then started using you to her advantage, and only calling when she wanted to talk, but when you wanted to talk - she was too busy for you. Remember? Remember when you said she was using you to be buddy buddy in case her friends were called to question in the court case against her ex for her kids? Remember that? And now you besties with her again? You two faced, lying, cheating, no good, thief - yea, I said thief, when you left here you took things that were not yours. But they were small things so you thought I wouldn't notice. Its all good.

I know what a real friend is, and you girlie - are not one. You do not have the courage, the strength, or the self respect to be one...

And with all this said - I am done. I am throwing you from my mind. It hurts to think of all I have done for your. It hurts to think of all the money spent on you. It hurts to think how my IN LAWS took you in as their own, as an extension of me. They bought you gifts. They invited you over. How could you feel good about being so... so... inconsiderate.

Again. I am done. I am tired of going through the memories of you. I thought you were a friend? You were phony. You were not real. Fake ass girl who thinks she is a woman - hah I say. I say Ha! You are FAR from woman.

I am done.
Peace girlie - may you have a disastrous life. Oh Wait- you already have.

Off my chest and out my mind.
So shall it be.

Live, laugh, love people.
Live life - enjoy it.
Laugh often - its the best medicine.
Love much - its what keeps the world going :D


Monday, May 17, 2010

Paid for tweeting!!!

I am on a site where I can write tweets for advertisers, and get paid for it. I made payout (which is $50)... I choose currently to have each tweet cost $5. so that way I am not getting all the cheap ones for like a dollar each, which are usually scummy... So, Im excited. Wanted to show the payment. If you want to get paid to tweet as well, go here : http://bit.ly/3oXIOO
I look forward to tweeting with you!

also, if you would like to make an offer for me to post something for you - just send me an email at jentyree08@gmail.com and lets work it out.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Revew of CoverGirl Blast (new eye makeup, and lipgloss)

Let me start by saying, I love Covergirl. I love their products. About 98% of the cosmetics I own are Covergirl. I was absolutely thrilled when I got picked for this campaign.  However, I was not so thrilled putting the makeup on. 

The eye makeup is like a cream. And it was delivered to Arizona - there should have been some kind of padding, or some kind of protection to keep it from melting or softening. When I opened the box, I instantly was excited. I was going to finally have smokey eyes - made easy. Nope, I was wrong. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.  However, the makeup as I stated was like a cream texture. I was hoping it was the kind that would change to shadow when applied. Wrong again. So, I got over it, and applied. The base color - which for me was white - was easy enough. I looked a little bit like a clown, but i figure that it would look better with the accent color - black. So I applied the black, as directed - along the lashline, and then in the crease. First off - that was difficult because as soon as i started putting the black on, the white got on it... Ugh - frustrated,. but i kept going. And when I was done I looked in the mirror... Oh my gosh. I looked absolutely retarded (please excuse that). I looked Horrible. Like a mix between a clown, and a raccoon. It was horrible. Ugly, and just, wrong. I wiped it all off, and put the white back on - just not all the way to my brow bone, and then put the black just on my lash line. It looked a little better... So, I decided to keep it. After about 2 hours of wearing it, I looked in the mirror... Still looked good at first glance, but when I lifted my head up to see the crease and see the whole eye - I was horrified.  The colors blended and got in the crease. Like, it was no longer on my lid - the makeup around the crease was all in the crease... Thats ridiculous. I wiped it off, and just left the black on my lashline, and thats all I have still right now. As I just received this kit today. And have been wearing the makeup for a total of about 4hrs now.    I am not happy at all with this makeup.  I expect MUCH better from CG. 

Now for the lip gloss. I love all things pink, and all things sparkly - and this has both!  I noticed the brush was different. It was not your typical applicator. So I put it on, I noticed that the booklet that comes with says that its a put on and go kind of applicator... Umm, not so much. In order to get my lips entirely, I had to put into the bottle at least 3 times, and thats just to make sure that all my lips are glossed. And I noticed another thing - the brush seemed to soak up the gloss! Definitely not gloss and go. I have LipSlicks and the lip gloss w/ Crest in it from CG and that is much better, and I feel lasts longer. I reapplied this gloss often through out my day, and that is an inconvenience.  Again, I just expect much more from CG. I do like the lipgloss, but I do not see myself wearing it for occasions where I would not be able to reapply often. For that I will stick with other options from CG. 

All in all, i like the colors, but I do not like the fact that it sticks in the crease, its always creamy, does not turn powdery. I do not like the fact that when I received it it was softening b/c of the hot Arizona heat.  And I do not like having to reapply lipgloss often. 

I will try these products again in a few days.
As of right now, I give 2 Stars.


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