Sunday, December 5, 2010

So I have some news...

For those of you who are not friends of my facebook, I have been an accident. I am OK other than a cracked bone in my elbow, I hit my knees on the dashboard, and my forehead on the air bag. The car was totaled. And I was the only one in the car. There is a picture on my facebook of the car. In the picture however it doesn't look like the car. It was a stratus but after the accident, that's not what you see.

I am using voice recognition software on my computer so that way I can and still update my facebook and update my blog. I can't really use my left hand so the speech recognition software is definitely helpful. I was thinking of buying the software called dragon, but then I remembered that computers often have speech recognition already on it, so I decided to look at it and see what it was and then I'd realize that it was the same thing as a software that people buy. So, I will use this for now but I will be making their many updates until I am healed and can use my hand again.

So if you would like to stay up to date on my progress, feel free to go to my facebook page by clicking on the widget to the right. Make sure you go to my personal page.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

Jennifer Tyree.

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  1. Oh my... Im so sorry to hear that. Wow... but I am so happy to hear that you are okay (other than a few minor injuries?)

    The car may be totaled, but at least you're still here. That's a blessing.


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