Thursday, December 16, 2010

A great way to donate to your favorite causes!

There is this really great site called GiveBack. Its really easy to sign up, and they give you $5 to start for your favorite charity/organization. It can be local, or global. This site is great because you can make a donation using your credit card and you will receive a tax deduction.  You can also shop at one (or more) of their 400+ retailers and earn charitable dollars for your charity/organization.

Its free to make the account, and super easy! I made the account in under 3 minutes. I type really fast, so that may not be that fast for everyone, but pretty close actually. They do not ask for your credit card or any information like that.

Another great thing about GiveBack is that it helps you keep track of all the donations you make throughout the year, so all you have to do at tax time is print out what you gave and to who. They create that for you!

For my GiveBack account, I chose the Arizona Zoological Society, and Steve Nash's Campaign for Educare Arizona. I chose the Arizona Zoological Society because it is a great zoo. I know that some people here in the Phoenix area do not like the zoo because sometimes they cannot see some animals. That is because the Phoenix Zoo is a Conservatory first and foremost. And the animals natural environment is first and more important. Which is great in my opinion. The animals should come first. And I chose Educare Arizona because my son is a child in the Arizona school system and it would be great to support the schools and the teachers in my community.

So, go sign up! Ive posted the link here enough, here it is again! GiveBack

Comment and let me know if you signed up and what charity/organization you chose!

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