Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving was yesterday, and I hope everyone had a great time with their family and friends. If your like me, you have lots of family and had more than one dinner! I had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters house on Wednesday, then I had Thanksgiving dinner around 3pm at my aunts house (who was also at my sisters the day before), and then after that went to my in-laws.  My mom was at my sisters and my aunts. My sister had to work daytime on Thanksgiving so thats why she had it early. Then on Thanksgiving evening, she went to her soon to be in-laws. Thanksgiving night I also went to my in-laws with my husband, who unfortunately, had to work through both dinners I had gone to LOL. He was Finally able to eat at  his parents - although, I brought him a plate from my aunts house.

At my in-laws I saw a friend of the family who I haven't seen since Christmas - got her number and plan to keep in touch were the same age just about, and its nice talking to her. Played some games including my favorite - Mexican Train Domino's.  I love that game. I have no idea how to play regular domino's, but Mexican Train - easiest game ever lol. I lost. Thats nothing new tho!

Anyways,  I posted about recently starting school. I just finished my first lesson and scored a 95% on the test. I only missed one question. LOL It sounded like a question of opinion - not a fact lol. Oh well, I learned for next time. So far, I am starting off on the right foot!

Did anyone go Black Friday shopping? I would love to hear what you got! I know there was some great deals, and I wanted to go shopping, but bills came up, and just didn't have the money to. I plan on shopping next year! Maybe if I can find a good deal I will shop on Cyber Monday :D But its gotta be a really good deal!

Now, I have a question for all of you.
What do you do to earn some money during the holidays? I know we are all different, and all have different things we do in our non-blogging time, so share if you can.  I would love to know!

Ok. I am off to study. I want to get through the next lesson within the next few days. I am so excited!

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  1. I'd like to make a little from my blog. As of yet, a few review items and a gift card win.

    Good Luck to you and thanks for stopping by the hop.



  2. Hi! Stopped by to read your blog on the hop. I would like to make a little extra money by writing but none so far :( It's nice to meet you Jennifer. Stop on by and visit me at The Best is Yet to Be.

  3. hi there, stopped by from the thanksgiving blog hop and now following you. stop by my bizzyworld...and have a great holiday!



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