Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Road Trip :D

My favorite road trip was when my husband and I drove to Vegas in March of 2008. We were going to Vegas because we were getting married. We planed it all out, had family and friends going, and my husband even has family out there - so that was nice to meet folks I didn't know yet. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and a drive to Vegas is about 5 hours. So we had a long drive ahead of us. I was expecting a whole lot of desert and nothing fun, but turns out there is lots to see - well, after you get out of the Valley that is. There was areas that were hilly and covered in cacti. There were small little towns that I never knew exsisted. Some kinda cute, some kinda scary in how small they were.

I found out that gas is majorly expensive in these small towns - mainly because they realize they are just about the only gas station for a few hours. I wish I knew that ahead of time, I would have saved more money out specifically for gas LOL.  After that gas station, there was openness, and as we were (slowly) getting higher in elevation, the air got cooler, and it felt soo good! I am originally from Ohio - so it felt nice. Reminded me of home. We eventually got to Kingman, Arizona - which is the last major city in Arizona before you start to head out towards the Hoover Dam. Its about 30 miles away from the Dam. It looks nice there. Mountains, and its not as big as Phoenix. Probably gets cooler in the winter time. Would be nice to move there - however far away from my family in Phoenix.

When we were getting closer to the Dam, we saw a road that was blocked off that went off in a different direction. We found out later that was the bridge that just recently got finished that bypasses the traffic on the Dam. I saw how high that was, and let me tell you - I would NEVER go on that bridge. Way too high for my taste! I have a slight fear of heights, and I could not ever go on that bridge. You would have to go at it while I am sleeping in order for me to be OK. LOL.

We had to stop at a checkpoint before the bridge, to get a check of the car - I guess security? They were stopping some people and actually searching their car. When we got up to the window, he asked for ID and I showed it and he let us go. Woo hoo!  So we are climbing up and up and up the hills. And were getting closer and closer to the Dam, then we get stopped in some traffic! Yay! Were at the Dam!!!! We decided to drive across the Dam, and then stop in the parking garage on the other side and walk on the Dam. It was awesome - my only thoughts were OMG, they filmed Transformers RIGHT HERE!!! LOL I know- I am a major dork!
It was cool at the Dam. It was amazing, awesome and just breathtaking. If you have not been there, you definitely need to go!


After the Dam, we kept on trucking. Not too much longer now until the hotel! Yay! Probably about 30-45 min. So excited at that point. We got back on the road, drove past a park for Lake Mead - we decided to go back and view it. The park and the lake was so pretty also! I have never been on any kind of a road trip before, so I was soaking it in :D  We got back on the road (again) and started driving. Before we know it, I see the Pyramid!! I screamed - babe! Its the Luxor!!! Then we see all the other buildings, and wow, its pretty. It was daytime when we traveled. We couldn't wait till night time to see how pretty it all is.

We get to the Hotel - and wow. Never had anyone come out and get my luggage for me, and give me first class service! It was great. We stayed at the Plaza Hotel. Its one mile away from the strip - right there at Fremont Street. Night time came, and OMG! Love the lights, the glitz!

Of course, we had a great time in Vegas. We lived like rockstars for a week. We got married, had a great reception with family. Then the rest of the week was drinks, gambling, so much fun. Saw some shows. Went to some great buffets! Went out to eat with some family to the "local" casinos. So much fun.

Stage where local performance acts would perform for Free!
For us - Fremont Street was the best. Seeing the original hotels/casinos from the "original" strip. I loved it. It was so much fun.

The original cowboy! How cool!!!!!

 If you have never heard of the Fremont Street Experience - you definitely want to look it up! It is an Amazing light show.. Crazy cool!

Then the road trip back. I hated leaving. I wanted to stay forever! But, I know that all good things must come to an end. Back to the real world. Back to work and responsibilities. Fun lol.

It was a great trip. And when we go back to Vegas, we plan on driving again. Not only is it cheaper, but its fun. And you don't have to worry about walking through a body scanner or getting a pat down LOL.

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