Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Forgotten" Book Review.

I have received a book called Forgotten, by Melody Carlson. I received it as part of the NavPress blogger review program they have in place.  Out of all the books to review, this one caught my eye. Its not my typical book (vampire, sci-fi), but it appeared to have a good story attached.  So I wanted to check it out.

So the book is about this girl Adele. Who's mom up and disappears when things get bad, and leaves Adele. She is living in her condo that her moms job paid for. As she is going on with her life ( she is a high school student ), she hopes that her mom is going to come back, or that she will call, or pay rent for her. Nope, none of the above happens. So Adele is evicted, and starts living out of the van that the moms boyfriend left there. Adele has always worked to help her mom pay bills, especially when things got bad, and so now was no different. She found a job, and started trying to save up enough money to get a place, and at the same time trying to finish school, she just wants to survive. Well, her friends at her new school (did I mention just the past summer Adele and her mom moved there because the mom got the awesome job that paid for the condo?) are in the popular crowd, and eventually find out her little secret. She befriends the other homeless girl in the school, and that turns out to be rotten-as Adele gives her a place to sleep (in her van), and the girl steals her money for drugs and alcohol.

Do you really think I'm going to tell you how good (or bad) it all ends? I don't think so!

I was skeptical at first to read this, because I am like great, a sappy story, I will probably end up crying through.  And actually, I only cried a little once.

Its a great book, the book is written in the first person, and sounds like something that has actually happened to someone. Its a sad, heartwarming, touching and inspiring story. I thought at first it would be overly religious, however, it is not. The story says a lot to me. Regardless of your faith, religion or beliefs, we all believe in some form of a higher power. We all pray (or silently talk to) that higher power.

To me, this book says that anything is possible. That you can come from the roughest times, and make it through the storm and turn into a rainbow - a beautiful multitude of colors, shining brightly. As this is a tough time right now for a lot of people, and everyone is going through some rough patches. Whether its a patch of unemployment, or even homelessness, it teaches us that we need to help each other out. Look out for one another.

I think everyone should read it. Everyone should give this wonderful book a chance. I applaud the author at her great work. And I plan on trying to find some more of her books and reading them.

On my list, this book is a Go! (vs a No Go). It is most definitely something I encourage all to read. Everyone of all faiths, and walks of life.

Unfortunately, I did not receive a copy to give away (boooo!), but rejoice! You as a blogger can go to NavPress and see if the book is still up as a book that can be reviewed on their blogger program. If not, there is others available.

Thank you NavPress, for letting me enjoy a wonderful book, and giving me the opportunity to review it!

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