Friday, August 20, 2010

What would you do if your parents split up? =O

Well, I have a complicated answer.... Just because someone loves someone at one point, does not necessarily mean they will love them forever. Things change, feelings change. Not everyone is lucky enough to be in love with the same person forever. My mom and my biological dad were never married. And weren't together after I was born (if they was, it was for a short time - as I do not remember them together lol). My mom met someone else, and married him, and he became my step dad. Well, now they are separated. They may or may not get back together. Its their choice. I'm OK either way. I just want my mom to be happy. So if she chooses to decide to stay with him, then fine. I support her. What kids of all ages need to realize - its never your fault if your parents decide to separate. There is nothing you could have done or said to keep them together. You should support their decision, its what they have decided is best for them and you.

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